Rezzy Crooks debut EP is an eclectic mix of funk, rock and jazz

Rezzy Crooks are quickly carving out a place for themselves in the pantheon of prominent music coming out of Dunedin, NZ.

It seems that any and all sounds that are brewed in that little town are exceptional, and  believe you me, Rezzy Crooks’ self titled debut is absolutely no exception.

Dunedin natives Rezzy Crooks are cooking up a juicy batch of homegrown jazz, rock and funk on their self-titled debut EP.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Rezzy Crooks formed from the breaking of a band. From the dissolution of a band four years ago, drummer Jamie and singer Sam stuck together carefully moulding a hybrid of funk, rock and alternate. After the induction of bassist Josh and guitarist Toby, the Rezzy Crooks were fully formed and poised to unleash upon the Dunedin music scene.

Their self titled debut features a loaded cannon of funk-rock explorations of identity, love and hooliganism. Self described as ‘just a couple crooks from Dunedin‘ it’s no secret that these lads just wanna rock the house and have a good time.

EP opener Dogpound kicks things off on the lead foot, launching into an all out groove of jazz influenced perfection. Considering Sam and Jamie recorded the entire work in their bedroom in Dunedin it’s an impressive feat from a production perspective. The whole EP is balanced perfectly between musical intrigue and lyrical exposition.

The ideal confluence arrises in Honeycomb, a heartfelt reflection on sweet love and self doubt. The guitar chords duck a weave from expectation crafting an interesting narrative below the lyrics.

EP bookend Burn is the heaviest track in the collection, seeing the four piece lean confidently into rock. The punchy jam track sees the band go out with a bang and they are sure to make a similar impact on the Dunedin music scene in no time at all.

Check out the Rezzy Crooks EP below: