Embrace the funk: Timechyld's debut single is a loaded gun of groove

Embrace the funk: Timechyld’s debut single is a loaded gun of groove

Melbourne funk master Timechyld‘s debut single is a low down dirty groove, oozing with sex and charisma.

Love Bank is a juicy amalgamation of funky synth pop and electro rock, and the clip is outta this world.

TimechyldTimechyld’s debut single, Love Bank, draws on all the right influences, creating the perfect concoction of hard slapping, funk action.

Melbourne’s funk extraordinaire Timechyld has dropped the perfect debut single, Love Bank. This burning comet of space goo is a delicious potion of riff-driven rock, 70s funk and soul, and the catchy hooks of 80s & 90s synth-pop. This eclectic musical milkshake contains the sonic elements of Prince, Jamiroquai, David Bowie, Rick James, Bruno Mars, INXS, as it gives a nod to the past with it’s feet firmly set in the future.

Timechyld trudged through painful romances, struggled with life direction, wrestled with the notion of his own mortality and started feeling the walls of time closing in. But he chose to grab the bull by the horns and use his pain as fodder for his songs, which delve into themes of existentialism, purpose, love, and leaps of faith.

Staying true to the overall tone of the song, Love Bank’s music video is simply fun, refreshingly silly, and a wacky colourful treat on the eyes with its old-school visual effects. The one man show that is Timechyld is working every instrument as he captures a playful take on the modern dating culture.

Timechyld’s quirkiness between the cheesy 90s effects give the clip a really endearing, likeable quality. As he consistently makes a fool of him self we realise there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by just being yourself, because you never know who’s going to like what you’re putting out.

Nonetheless, under the veil of light hearted fun, there is a rather impressive piece of music. Don’t let the old school visuals fool you. Timechyld is a talented writer and musician with more than a lot to offer.

We can’t wait to catch him on the closest dancefloor!