A free exhibition from Japan’s famous art collective TeamLab is coming to Melbourne

Famous Japanese art collective TeamLab bring together the genius of mathematicians, architects, CG animators and engineers to create breathtaking interactive art projections.

TeamLab is bringing this whimsical, delightful mix of tech and art to Melbourne this October for a free show at the Tolarno Gallery, showing three works never before seen in Melbourne.

Famous Japanese art collective TeamLab are bringing their whimsical, immersive art installations to Melbourne this October.

Known for their large-scale futuristic works that use cutting-edge technology to evoke the beauty of the natural world, TeamLab consistently create unique, immersive and awe-inspiring light installations.

Virtual flowers bloom in visitors’ hands, a moving garden of real orchids reacts to the presence of those who stroll its paths, and projected koi flit around people’s ankles, able to be scooped up and held before diving back into the water in the floor.

Presented in association with Tolarno Galleries as part of Melbourne Festival, TeamLab will be bringing their spectacular, must-see projections to Melbourne this October. The Reversible Rotation exhibition will showcase three different artworks never before seen in Melbourne, including Waves of Light,  a projection of golden-coloured particles that simulate a continuous body of water moving in waves.

“When viewing this artwork, as opposed to watching waves shot with a video camera, people may feel that the barrier between themselves and the waves disappears. They feel immersed in the work, perhaps even feeling life in the collection of lines, as if the waves are luring them in. Perhaps we can find a connection to the way premodern Japanese people perceived the world and consequently behaved toward the world.

If we regard ourselves as a part of nature, and consider nature not just as something to be observed, we might join premodern people in perceiving rivers and oceans as living entities. This is a way of seeing the world that lures us in and allows us to feel that there is no boundary between ourselves and nature.”

Reversible Rotation will run from Saturday, 5 October until Saturday, 2 November 2019 and it is completely free, you can find out more here.