Elliott Smith’s XO and Figure 8 have been reissued as deluxe versions

August 6 marked Elliott Smith’s 50th birthday and to celebrate, UME have produced new digital deluxe versions of his last two albums XO (1998) and Figure 8 (2000).

They’re available to stream now. Check them out below.

elliott smith's elliott smith

The newly released albums will include a total of 16 new tracks, made up of B-sides, one-off rarities and singles dug up from Elliott Smith’s archives.

Nine tracks have been added to Elliott Smith’s XO, including the Oscar-nominated Good Will Hunting track Miss Misery. Other new demos-turned-digital streams include Waltz #1 and Waltz #2, as well as a remix of Baby Britain.

Seven tracks have been added to Figure 8, including Smith’s cover of the Schoolhouse Rock! which was first released on the Japanese rendition of the album. Figure 8 also rounds off with Smith’s cover of The Beatles’ track Because, which was featured on the soundtrack of the 1999 film American Beauty.

Listen to the deluxe versions of these albums below: