UNO is now accessible to the vision-impaired with the release of UNO Braille

UNO. It’s the sort of chance game of sneaky manoeuvres, risky plays and ear-busting screams of last-cardedness. Not to mention the iconic four-colour packaging which is instantly recognisable… to sighted people at least.

Not to worry, toy and game manufacturer Mattel has made the addictive card game even more accessible with its release of UNO Braille, for blind or low-sighted players. 

The new edition of the UNO deck features cards with Braille markings in the corners, indicating their number, colour or special effect.

Now, those with zero or low vision can truly feel the burn inflicted upon their opponents when slapped with that quadruple Draw Four. Opponents must also read aloud the card they play, making it a more vocal and communicative game (because we all know that shouting is the funnest part).

Along with the Braille cards is a downloadable instruction manual also accessible to the blind or low-sighted, with an option to have the rules read by Alexa or Google Home.

The classic card game was redeveloped in conjunction with the National Federation of the Blind and echoes Mattel’s 2017 reproduction of the game as UNO ColourAdd, using alternative symbols to communicate the colour of the card to those who are colourblind.