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New York hip-hop duo The Amal run us through nine of their tracks

Ever since we first laid ears on The Amal’s track Inebriated Thoughts, we’ve been hooked. The song is a perfect showcase of the New York duo’s penchant for crafting soulful, thought-provoking hip-hop music.

So, following its release, we caught up with the group for a run-down on nine of their tracks. Take it away, The Amal…

We caught up with New York based hip-hop duo The OBE Amalgamation (aka The Amal) for a run-down on their brilliantly mindful hip-hop craftmanship.

Inebriated Thoughts

Inebriated Thoughts sheds light on the many tragedies that people face in harsh environments. To cope with the stress, they depend on inebriation to get through the tough times. Inebriated Thoughts signifies the organic approach The Amal is willing to take to inspire society, especially the youth. This song was produced by Thundaa Beats and tracked and mixed by Smart-Man.

Ape Muzik (Sean Price)

This is a very special one to the The Amal. This record is a respectful tribute to the late great Sean Price. In this record, Dadda Man embodies the cadences of the late great Sean Price. He captures the aura and precedence that Sean Price would have set on a record. This track was produced by Sean Price’s main engineer Dan The Man Pro. Ape Muzik was tracked and mixed by Dadda’s man engineer Smart-Man. The Amal says Rhyme in Paradise P!

Breaking My Heart

Breaking My Heart signifies heartbreaks and experiences that define a person through time. Dadda Man instantiates in the hook “You Lose Bread Chasing Women, You Never Lose Women Chasing Bread”. The record was produced by Juno Adonis and tracked and mixed by Smart-Man.

Grown Man Music (Don’t Catch A Case)

The title is self-explanatory, be a Grown Man and Don’t Catch A Case. Dadda Man utilizes ill lyrics, flow, and delivery to deliver a groovy and a track full of a lot of movement. This Denice Williams sampled Record produced by Donato Beats. The record was tracked and mixed by Smart-Man.

All Yours

This record is strictly for the ladies. All Yours features Kevin K on the hook, and Dadda Man holds the “fort down” with two immaculate verses. He tells women to retract from the strip club and to see there true potential and beauty as a Queen. This song was produced by Kevin Hues and Tracked and mixed by Smart-Man.

Intro (Superhero Music)

This record is an illustrious masterpiece put together by The Amal. The cover artwork includes Cable’s (X-Men) whole body being eaten by a Techn-Organic virus which is countered by his Telekinesisis abilities. Dadda Man utilizes lyrics like “High-Tech virus trying to eat my flesh god!” to inspire the theme of this record. Intro (Superhero Music) was produced by Mr. Dan The Man Pro and tracked and mixed By Smart-Man.

Lose Control (Macallan Flow)

Lose Control (Macallan Flow) is a smooth, laid-back, and classy type of record. Dadda Man’s songwriting and lyrical capability coupled with Mr. Dan The Man’s Pro prolific production were a match made in heaven. Smart-Man heightens Lose Control with his effortless engineering skills. “Black Panther Mantle, Leaving Nemesis Trampled”… – Slim Dadda Q

Dadda Bundles (Seemore Flow)

Dadda-Man goes into his arsenal and delivers a Stack-Bundles inspired cadence to this record. Dadda Bundles pays homage to the late great Stack Bundles and his hometown Far Rockaway, NY. Mr. Dan’s The Man Pro tribal production evoked a “rumble in the jungle” atmosphere. Dadda Man’s flow sets an ambiance similar to the “Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman” showdown. Smart-Man takes it to the next level with his phenomenal “boards work”.

What If (Wheeler Flow)

Dadda Man provokes the mind on this one questioning experiences and aspects of his life. Many people have thoughts and regrets, and What If helps resonate that feeling. Dadda Man’s slick and smooth rhyme pattern help manifest and atmospheric and loungey record. Blunted Beatz is behind the production and was tracked and mixed by Smart-Man.


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October 4, 2019