Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice, Dear Girls and more – Happy’s weekend reading

Another weekend, another fresh selection of books to enrich your literary lives. Dear Girls is a no-holds-barred guide to living one’s best life, while Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice lays bare the innermost thoughts of the enigmatic songwriter.

Etgar Keret’s latest collection of short stories will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, Richard Ayoade’s brilliant satire will leave you gasping from laughter and to top it off, there’s the first and only official autobiography of Elton John. Let’s dive into the list.Jeff Buckley

Dear Girls, Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice, Fly Already, Ayoade on Top and Me are among the best new books to indulge in this weekend.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Though these life lessons are ostensibly directed at her daughters, there’s much to be gleaned – and laughs to be had – in this volume for everyone. Wong shares the hard-earned wisdom from her life as a comedian, the dating scene in New York, reconnecting with her roots and more. Via Penguin.Dear Girls

Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice edited by Mary Guibert and David Browne

Buckley’s transcendent songs and performances are the stuff of folklore. His compiled musings within the pages of His Own Voice takes us deep into to the mind of this late icon. For more details, visit Da Capo.Jeff Buckley His Own Voice

Ayoade on Top by Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade is perhaps best known for his performance on the cult comedy The I.T. Crowd, but in recent years, he’s been steadily building a reputation for the written word. His latest effortlessly showcases his taste for the absurd and skill in producing razor sharp satire. Via Faber & Faber.Ayoade on Top

Fly Already by Etgar Keret

A great short story is a minor miracle: traversing the gamut of the human experience in a few short pages. In Fly Already, Keret manages this feat 22 times, with stories that encompass love and despair through an intelligent, eccentric lens. More at Scribe.Fly Already

Me by Elton John

Me reflects a breadth of experience so massive that it can scarcely be contained in one life. The story of Elton John is as wild as you might expect, yet delivered with warmth and humanity. For more information, visit Pan Macmillan.Me Elton John