The Voice Changer is the one-stop-shop for a galaxy of vocal effects

Accusonus’ latest does exactly what it says on the packet. Voice Changer transforms vocals – and in typical Accusonus fashion – does it with the greatest of ease.

Accusonus is a plugin company that specialises in easy-to-navigate interfaces with a sonic signature that resides to the left of centre. Voice Changer is perhaps the banalest plugin title in history, but it does exactly what it promises with ease and flair.

Though it would easily find a home in a musical context, the plugin shines as part of a sound designers arsenal. Choose character, effect, and environment, and you’re away.

Voice Changer

Ultimately, when your vocal track meets the Accusonus Voice Changer, it can be any device you want, amplifying your content into the likes of a cynical dragon, James Earl Jones-styled trailer tones, greater innocence with subtle whispers, or even AI baby robots.

Through the Voice Changer, you can combine and tune three-voice modifiers, altering the character, effects and environment. It’s not every day you get to design your own voice, search through a catalogue of effect presets and find quick solutions for those common sound design scenarios.

So if you find yourself needing to shout through a megaphone, or get lost in an echo-filled stadium, Voice Changer is a no-brainer.

Check it out here.