Acrolysis debut EP is a superb, politically charged, heavy metal dream

Acrolysis have dropped their debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade. It’s a raging bull of politically charged, heavy metal perfection.

The punchy riffs, blistering solos and thought-provoking lyrics are the catalyst for an extremely strong debut from the Sydney trio.

Acrolysis blend 80s thrash metal and 90s alternative in their outrageously good debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade. Head bangers unite!

Sydney trio Acrolysis have dropped an incredibly strong debut EP. The 5 track collection is half an hour of raw power, showing off the outfits versatile capabilities. Each song showcases a different style and energy achieving a confluence of something inbetween Metallica and Rage Against The Machine.

Each song is wildly energetic and that’s not even to mention lyricism. Each track is heavily charged by current political issues such as pedophilia and corruption in the Catholic Church, media manipulation and traitorous governments. Black Dog’s Serenade taps into the current zeitgeist and reveals the disparity of society one layer at a time.

With all the energy and distrust of Rage Against the Machine, Acrolysis certainly back up the passion of the lyricism with equally as impassioned music. Track’s like One Trick Pony and Where Has Your God Gone Now? directly attack powerful modern constructs calling out the flaws of the church and the government in layers of poetic imagery.

 The chugging juggernaut that is I Should Have Known hurls itself like a flaming catapult at the atrocities and misrepresentation of the media. The energy and outrage bubbles to boiling point before exploding in a powerful axe solo, showing off some impressive chops.

Shadows Of Gold, however is the EP highlight, written as a brooding ballad, the lyrics and broiling tension amount in a seriously explosive solo, rippling with emotion. The forlorn questioning of human greed and destruction coupled with the conversational guitar layers make for a seriously powerful piece of songwriting.

We highly recommend you take the time to question the songs, feel their power and think about the world outside. Acrolysis’ debut EP, Black Dog’s Serenade, is an exquisite piece of music.