Matahari prove themselves as masters of metal on debut EP ‘Definition’

Melbourne-based five-piece Matahari pair thoughtful lyricism with pristine metal core on debut EP Definition

Matahari have released Definition, a six-track metal core project that serves as the Melbourne band’s debut EP. Written and recorded entirely during the pandemic, Definition arrives as a fine-tuned masterclass in the complexity of the djent genre; a collective effort that pays off for bandmates Thomas Rech (vocals), Alan Flindell (guitar), Jonas Olausson (guitar), Connor Roberts (Bass) and Alex Bikovsky (drums). 

Definition begins with Idols, an EP opener that quickly switches from pop-leaning punk vocals to all-out screams, as Rech lays bare his musings on self-reflection and reconsiders his perception of his idols. The all-encompassing noisiness of the number is helped along by Bikovsky’s thumping percussion, with a melodic vocals making for a surprise earworm of a hook on Idol’s chorus. Roberts’ bass serves as a mid-track reprieve, with gradually ascendent instrumentation making for a killer final chorus. 


Matahari slightly switch gears on second track Machines, which makes use of throaty vocals on the first verse before turning to more harmonic guitar strums. Lyrically, Machines serves as a warning for posterity around the emergence of artificial intelligence, through the viewpoint of the song’s protagonist. “[Machines] is about a man trying to warn humanity of artificial intelligence and robots taking control, but no one is listening,” Matahari said in a press statement. 

Later, on Fantasy, Matahari trade scream vocals with backing call-and-response harmonies, with lyrics that explore a smoke-and-mirrors reality. Elsewhere, Far Too Late offers a change of pace at exactly the right moment; a gentle guitar-laden cut that offers pause for reflection on the calamours delight that came before. Rech’s vocals are at their purest on Far Too Late, as the bandmate sings of abandonment and being left to drown.  


Elsewhere, on EP closer and third single Definition, rapid finger-picked guitars lay the groundwork for a more upbeat track which makes glorious use of bouncy polyrhythms. Crooning vocals slow down the affairs towards the latter half of the track, leaving room for a head-banging guitar solo to culminate Matahari’s mastery of metal. “[The lyrics] capture finding a way to strive and reach for something you love, in order to move away from current and undesirable circumstances,” the band said of Definition.

The EP was launched with an official event at The Leadbeater Hotel in Richmond, Victoria, which saw Matahari joined on stage by fellow bands Centralia and Furious George. Listen to Matahari’s debut EP Definition below, and head here to keep up to date with the metal band.