Acrolysis give us the inside scoop on their politically charged debut EP

Acrolysis give us the inside scoop on their politically charged debut EP

We were recently blown away by Acrolysis after they dropped their stunning debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade. It’s a raging bull of politically charged, heavy metal perfection.

The tracks are just as deep lyrically as they are musically giving the body of work almost endless replay ability as you attempt to plunder it’s most precious secrets.

The trio have taken us through their debut track by track, giving us the inside scoop on these powerful tunes.


Acrolysis talk us through the depth of their debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade, which blends 80s thrash with 90s alternative and impassioned political lyrics.

I Should Have Known

We wanted to start off this thing with a kick. There were a lot of ideas that went unused like a Bill Hicks introduction. Huge inspiration on us and we wanted to incorporate it into the introduction but went with the symphony of glitchy news reports. Also, was throwing around the idea of incorporating some Nepalese but I was butchering it so we’ll save it until my Nepalese gets a bit better.

One Trick Pony

‘Pony’ is a song which just came out of a jam in late 2017. We wrote the riffs and arrangement pretty quickly. Within a week the song was pretty much as you hear it now. It is just an aggressive big middle finger. It’s the most jammy song, it has that vibe.

Where Has Your God Gone Now?

Funnily enough. Bamay, our drummer, wrote all the guitar in this song. After I take the time to record what we pieced together he comes back to hear it three days later and says, “Wow, who wrote this?”. He was being dead serious. He does not remember coming up with these riffs and arrangements. At all. He swears on it. You can ask him about it.

Shadows Of Gold

So this one started as leftovers of Fifty Four. Most notably the bass parts. So we came up with the idea of doing a ballad. We wrote around the bass shaping and arranging. Parts of the solo and dual guitars were leftovers as well. Wrote some personal lyrics on this one since this song isn’t as in your face. Can’t really remember specifically what I was going for. Was a stream of consciousness kind of thing.

Fifty Four

This was Baba and I trying to annoy the shit out of Bamay. We came up with some riffs to play while we jam in a 5/4 time signature. Bamay couldn’t get the groove and spent ages trying to get it right. Finally, he did and it sounded awesome so we wrote a trippy, psychedelic instrumental because why not?