Dylan’s Omens revel in the chaos on new single ‘Weak And Pathetic’

Australian four-piece Dylan’s Omens find meaning even in the “darkest depths” on their blissfully noisy new single ‘Weak And Pathetic’

Dylan’s Omens have delivered metal rock revelry on their thunderous new single ‘Weak And Pathetic’.

The Australian four-piece — composed of frontman Dylan Cosgriff, guitarist Tom Steele, bassist Logan Byrne, and drummer Nic Murray — establish a raucous energy from the outset, with cataclysmic drums and screechy guitars seemingly purpose-built for assaulting the ear drums. 

Dylan's Omens single 'Weak and Pathetic'

There’s a noisy spirit that courses all throughout ‘Weak And Pathetic’, brought to life by Cosgriff’s teeth-bearing vocals.

Stretching acrobatically from guttural roars to exalted vocal ad libs, Cosgriff matches the high-octane instrumentation to deliver a cathartic track best suited for an evening commute home with the windows up. 

For all their heavier tendencies — which come to include clashing cymbals and percussion so forceful you’ll wonder how many drum sticks were broken during the recording — Dylan’s Omens also have an ear for more melodic moments.

There’s some catchy electric guitar riffs, and the quartet even manage to pull off yelling vocal harmonies on the chorus. 

Dylan's Omens single 'Weak and Pathetic'

Like any great rock cut, ‘Weak And Pathetic’ embarks on a sonic journey, with an almost seven-minute runtime that sees the band consistently shift paces.

It makes for an altogether engaging listening experience, flitting between the garage noise of the opening minutes to moments of sparse instrumentation and sonic reprieve. 

After reaching the climactic heights of their sound, Dylan’s Omens slow down proceedings around the four-minute mark, with Cosgriff trying on a more melodic vocal performance with enrapturing results.

Here, the frontman sings tenderly atop Steele’s twangy guitar licks, but it isn’t long before the band return to their riotous noise; closing out the track with wailing vocal riffs uttered as if from the depths of hell. 

Dylan's Omens single 'Weak and Pathetic'

While the sheer energy of the track is enough to evoke an out of body experience — allowing listeners to escape their days and simply revel in the chaos — Dylan’s Omens pair their sound with incisive lyricism.

Here, the band reflect on “the darkest depths of your mind,” with mentions of existentialism and finding meaning even in the blackness of life. 

‘Weak And Pathetic’ readies audiences for Dylan’s Omen’s upcoming sophomore project, which has so far been previewed by previous singles ‘Cherry Socks,’ ‘Lyélum’s Lake,’ and ‘Grindhead’.

In the meantime, get swept up in the noise of Dylan’s Omen’s new single ‘Weak And Pathetic’ below.