New Music Friday: Aussie & Kiwi releases that we are digging right now

Friday is pretty much one of our favourite days of the week. Why, because of new music baby!

And this fine Friday, we are spoiled for choice my friends, with an avalanche of new tracks coming at ya.

Let’s dive straight into some new music with the best that the Aussie and New Zealand music scene has to offer.

DMA's and Ruel best music

South Summit

Emerging from the sun-kissed landscapes of Western Australia, South Summit isn’t just a band; they’re a total mood. Their latest single, ‘Givin’ It Up,’ is pretty much the warmest warm hug. With a lil reggae and some serious singalong melodies, this track invites you to join their backyard jam session.


Straight outta Aotearoa, JessB storms back onto the scene with ‘Talk Of The Town,’ a fierce anthem of self-empowerment and unapologetic authenticity. As she navigates the murky waters of gossip and speculation, JessB’s bold lyricism and infectious beats remind us to march to the beat of our own drum. With her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Feels Like Home,’ on the horizon, JessB is poised to conquer hearts and airwaves alike.


Tiffi, the prodigious wonder-kid of Aussie indie pop, returns with ‘Chemtrails,’ a sublime journey through the ethereal landscapes of heartbreak and healing. Produced by Alice Ivy, this track is a sonic gem laden with woozy melodies and poignant lyricism. Tiffi’s evolution from bedroom pop sensation to indie darling is a testament to her raw talent and boundless creativity.


Elevating the Aussie rap scene to stratospheric heights, 1300 unleashes their mixtape ‘George,’ a kaleidoscopic fusion of K-pop, hip hop, and industrial sounds. With tracks like ‘Levitate,’ they invite you on a mind-bending journey through the digital labyrinth of cultural distortion and existential angst. As they embark on a national headline tour, 1300 proves they’re not just musicians; they’re sonic revolutionaries.

DMA’s and Ruel

When DMA’s and Ruel join forces, something happens to your mind, body and  spirit, that can only be equated to feeling – and feeling ALOT. Feelings…and magic happens. Their latest collaboration, ‘We’re A Pair Of Diamonds,’ is a shimmering gem of alt-pop brilliance, weaving together DMA’s signature anthemic sound with Ruel’s sweet soulful vocals. We dare you not to feel something… we dare you.

San Cisco

San Cisco takes us on a nostalgic journey with ‘Consequence,’ a sun-soaked anthem that transports you to carefree summer days. Shot on the streets of Fremantle, the music video is a love letter to their hometown, capturing the essence of youthful exuberance and boundless optimism. With their regional tour on the horizon, San Cisco invites you to dance under the light of their infectious melodies. Watch the official video clip for ‘Consequence’ here.

Alice Ivy

Alice Ivy unleashes her electrifying new single, ‘Criminal,’ a pulsating club banger that ignites the dancefloor with its infectious energy. Teaming up with Kah-Lo and BJ The Chicago Kid, Alice Ivy crafts a a total gem that transcends genre boundaries and pulls you in with its irresistible groove. With her upcoming album, ‘Do What Makes You Happy,’ Alice Ivy proves she’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic pop.


GLOB returns with their boldest and most ambitious release yet, ‘Moriarty’. Produced by Michael Badger (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Amyl and the Sniffers) and mastered by Steve Smart (King Stingray) ‘Moriarty’ is set to make  some serious waves. Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’, it’s an homage to “the mad ones,” celebrating those rare souls who are “mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved”. Check out the accompanying music video here.

Oliver Cronin

Oliver Cronin delivers the gem with ‘Burning House,’ a synth-pop number that pulses with all the right feels, that lead you with an upbeat and infectious energy. This track is a testament to Cronin’s songwriting prowess and his ability to craft sonic landscapes that resonate with audiences on a visceral level. With his debut album on the horizon, Oliver Cronin is pretty much set to take the music world by storm.


Hailing from the vibrant streets of South Africa and based in the cultural melting pot of New Zealand, InDuna shares his latest track, ‘Diva,’ a blend of afro-pop and contemporary sounds. With its infectious rhythms and soulful melodies, ‘Diva’ is a testament to InDuna’s talent and creativity as a rising star in the music industry. Melt into perfect harmonies and perfect beats.

Anna Dot

Anna Dot shines a light on April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month with her latest release, ‘Body Language,’ a raw and intimate track delving into the complexities of sex and consent. This hauntingly powerful song offers a poignant glimpse into the female experience, particularly the pressures to prioritize others’ desires over personal boundaries, as it navigates the aftermath of a one-night stand gone awry. Drawing inspiration from artists like Jensen McRae, Stella Donnelly, and Eloise, Anna Dot’s honest delivery and evocative songwriting leave a lasting impact, inviting listeners to confront harsh realities.

Alfie Templeman

Alfie Templeman gifts us with ‘Hello Lonely,’ a poignant reflection on the quiet moments of solitude that punctuate our lives. With its hella infectious melody and introspective lyricism, this track is a testament to Templeman’s maturity and growth as an artist. As he prepares to unleash his second album, ‘Radiosoul,’ Alfie Templeman invites you to join him on a sonic odyssey through the complexities of modern life.


Melbourne/Naarm-based hip-hop artist Requiem has traded his hoodie for an astronaut suit, venturing into the cosmos with his latest release. Inspired by the sci-fi epics of Kubrick and Nolan, ‘Transient’ delves into themes of love, loss, and existential musings as the protagonist navigates the depths of a supermassive black hole.

Featuring the ethereal harmonies of award-winning producer Resin Moon from Alice Springs/Mparntwe, this track marks a reunion with Requiem since their collaboration on ‘Louvres.’ With HFNR’s brooding production, the song becomes a journey through space and time, reflecting on the fleeting nature of relationships and existence.

Friday just got a whole lot better, thanks to these sweet sounds from Down Under and beyond! So kick back, crank up the volume, and let the music carry you to the weekend. Happy listening!