Three Aussie Music Releases We’re Digging Right Now

We kick start the week with three Aussie artists that we are currently digging in the Australian music scene

There is a lot of music out there in the big wide world, and sometimes, honing in on the best is simply done by grounding yourself in some new tunes from your own back yard.

Let’s dive straight into some new music with  Joey Sachi’s latest single ‘Reverie’, JODI’s ‘SIMP,’ and FOURA’s energetic track ‘N.S.E.W.’, featuring the dynamic vocals of Jalmar.

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Joey Sachi – ‘Reverie’

Sydney-based Joey Sachi continues to captivate with her latest single, ‘Reverie.’ Teaming up with UK producer Affelaye, Sachi delves into a realm of vulnerability and insight, building on the success of her debut track, ‘Fractured.’

Recorded between Tokyo and Sydney, ‘Reverie’ is a testament to Sachi’s growth as a musician and storyteller.

The collaboration with Affelaye brings a new dimension to her sound, showcasing a seamless creative dynamic that elevates the track to new heights.

With its lush production and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Reverie’ is a must-listen for fans of electronic music with depth.


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Jodi Cohen, aka as JODI, delivers a playful yet introspective single with ‘SIMP.’

Balancing sarcasm with sensitivity, JODI’s indie-pop sound shines through in this catchy tune about the early stages of love.

Produced in collaboration with Purple Drapes, ‘SIMP’ exudes a summer vibe, driven by pulsating basslines and infectious melodies.

JODI’s witty lyrics and fearless delivery make this track a standout in the indie-pop landscape, offering a refreshing take on romance and vulnerability.

With its blend of sincerity and irony, ‘SIMP’ is a testament to JODI’s evolving artistry and her ability to craft memorable, relatable music.

FOURA feat. Jalmar – ‘N.S.E.W.’

Melbourne-based producer FOURA teams up with artist Jalmar for a high-octane collaboration on ‘N.S.E.W.’

Infusing elements of grime, trap, and reggaeton, this track is a bold exploration of club music’s heavier side.

FOURA’s signature playfulness and energy are on full display, complemented by Jalmar’s dynamic vocals and Latin-inspired cadence.

The result is a fierce, hard-hitting anthem that demands attention and commands the dancefloor.

With its infectious rhythm and experimental flair, ‘N.S.E.W.’ showcases FOURA’s versatility as a producer and Jalmar’s prowess as a rising star in the Australian music scene.

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