Three Aussie bands that we are digging right now

Punk in all its forms, here are three alt – indie – pop – punk – Aussie bands we are digging right now

In the sprawling realm of Aussie music, three formidable acts have emerged, each wielding their unique sonic arsenal to captivate audiences and carve out their niche in the industry.

Before you crack a cold one and head into the long weekend, wrap your eyes and ears around three Aussie bands we are digging right now.

Naarm/Melbourne queer post-punk trio Boyfriend TV share debut studio singles ‘Pornstar of the World' and ‘Fawning’ Aussie bands + music video

Girl and Girl

Quietly, or not so quietly, our fav pop punk Aussie band, Girl And Girl, with their latest single ‘Mother,’ deliver a poignant narrative exploring the intricacies of familial bonds and personal evolution.

Led by Kai James’ moody as fuck vocals, their sound blends jangly guitars with infectious rhythms, weaving a tapestry of introspection and raw emotion.

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Jet City Sports Club

Representing the sun-soaked vibes of Eora/Sydney, present their EP ‘Every Single Dream’ as a testament to indie-pop perfection.

With tracks like ‘My Everything’ and ‘Sunny Morning,’ the band exudes a sense of optimism and euphoria, propelled by shimmering melodies and polished indie-pop production.

Check out tour dates here.

Boyfriend TV

Meanwhile, these legends emerge from the depths of Naarm/Melbourne’s post-punk scene with a bold debut featuring singles ‘Pornstar of the World’ and ‘Fawning.’

Their sound, characterised by gristling guitars and industrial beats, delves into themes of vulnerability and human connection in the digital age, offering a provocative exploration of contemporary society with a signature Aussie growl.

Boyfriend TV ‘Pornstar of the World’/’Fawning’ split single is out today, independently. Stay up to date with Boyfriend TV by following them on Instagram and Bandcamp.

There you have it, Girl and Girl, Jet City Sports Club, and Boyfriend TV are carving their own paths. For more sweet Aussie tunes head here.