The anti-perfectionist approach to making music: Velura talks breaking old mindsets in debut ‘Snow & Glass’

“Don’t let perfect get in the way of greatness,” Velura tells us of the creative force behind her new single Snow & Glass. 

Fresh off the release of her stunning debut single ‘Snow & Glass’, Brisbane artist Velura swings by Happy to discuss the creativity that comes with simply relenting to the process of making music.

While working on the song with producer Aaron Shanahan (former member of Miami Horror), Velura noticed how collaboration focused on the process of creating music, rather than the outcome, can be completely transformative.

Velura single 'Snow and Glass'
Credit: Rory Feeney

She tells us, “I’ve noticed that many young creative people – especially those who were labelled ‘high achievers’ in school – are petrified of creating something ‘bad’. It’s actually necessary to do that, you know, in order to make the good stuff.

While perfectionism can have its benefits, it’s usually a hindrance in the early stages of creative work. “‘Don’t let perfect get in the way of greatness,’ is a motto to live by,” Velura says.

In the second studio session for ‘Snow & Glass’ Shanahan encouraged the young artist to try singing in her higher register or ‘head voice’ for the song’s chorus. She baulked, believing that with her alto voice, she could only sing well down low.

Velura single 'Snow and Glass'

“Nope, nope, that sounds good!” Shanahan said. “No stress, we’re just trying things out!”. Her head voice worked perfectly in the context of the final song.

Velura’s light, ethereal tone and vulnerability shines through in her vocal delivery – “I wanna love you. Do I hate you? You’re so cold.” It reflects the back-and-forth of abandoned love, a battle never won.The creation of ‘Snow & Glass’ was experimentation in the name of growth.

Shanahan’s passion for working with young artists – including Velura, Arni Mac, and Noah Bates – came after he experienced some of the more ego-driven, competitive attitudes in the music industry.

Velura single 'Snow and Glass'

It doesn’t have to be like that,” Shanahan said. “With these creative young people, I’m realising the industry can be a more collaborative, community-like thing. I think that’s important.”

Listen to Velura’s new single ‘Snow & Glass’ below.