Velura makes her debut with indie inspired track Snow & Glass

At 19 years old, Brisbane based artist Velura is ready to launch her project with the dreamy debut single ‘Snow & Glass’

Drawing inspiration from 80s staples like The Smiths and more modern Indie/Dream-Pop royalty Tame Impala and Beach House, Velura holds her own when held up to the standard of her idols.

With the inspiration to explore the exquisite torture of unrequited love, Velura uses ‘Snow & Glass’ as a means of discovery and relatability.


It is a strong artist who can take a theme and dive headfirst into the deepest corners of that experience, even without necessarily experiencing it for themselves.

‘Snow & Glass’ opens with a nostalgic, atmospheric synth that quickly launches into a buoyant soundscape held together by a thick bass and distant guitar.

Velrua’s vocal holds an unexpected maturity and depth. She sounds like a seasoned vocalist, the track something that easily could have been pulled from decades past.

Being offered comparison to the likes of Annie Lennox, it is monumentally hard to believe that this is Velrua’s first foray into releasing her own music, let alone the fact that she is still a teenager.

Velura’s talent for blending vintage with modernity is apparent, the production oozing Kevin Parker’s mark on the music world, and Velrua’s melodies pointing tightly to Beach House’s ‘Depression Cherry’.

‘Snow & Glass’ is captivating and soothing, and at once deeply moving. “Do I hate you? Do I need to?” makes for a stand out chorus phrase, one that conveys so much of what we go through when facing rejection in the face of love.

Velura traverses this topic with finesse and vulnerability, with a deep understanding yet the aura of a bird’s eye view.

With this combination of objectivity and immersion, ‘Snow & Glass’ becomes an entity.

It is fascinating to witness such a strong debut, and one with such promise and uniqueness.

Velura is on the cusp of something very special, and ‘Snow & Glass’ is likely to propel her to staggering heights.

Listen to ‘Snow & Glass’ below.