Rosalie Chilvers and fellow WA musicians recall all the times they were ‘Ego Tripping’

Rosalie Chilvers enlists Siena Rebelo, Elianie, Hannah Gill of Shorehaven and more for a run-through of their biggest ego trips. 

Last week, we were treated to the searing lyricism and pop-rock energy of ‘Ego Tripping’, the last single from WA singer-songwriter Rosalie Chilvers.

A blistering takedown of the type of musician who revels in his own self-importance, the track brims with charisma and enough catchy ad libs to achieve earworm status.

Rosalie Chilvers single

While the subject of ‘Ego Tripping’ might not be Chilvers herself, she’s the first to acknowledge that, at times, she too has relished in moments of pride.

Below, the singer-songwriter taps fellow WA musicians like Siobhan Cotchin,  to sift through key moments when they’ve found themselves ‘Ego Tripping’. Catch all these testimonies below, and scroll down to listen to Rosalie Chilvers’ new single ‘Ego Tripping’

Following the release of Rosalie Chilvers’s sophomore single, ‘Ego Tripping’, she reached out to ask some of her favourite WA musicians the times they were ‘Ego Tripping’.

To clarify, ego tripping is when someone’s ego is so large they can’t see how it may affect others. Ego Tripping isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, it can just be a moment of feeling so proud of yourself for all the work you’ve put in and finally seeing it pay off.

A time Rosalie Chilvers was ego tripping;

In September of 2023, I got the opportunity to compete in ‘The Y HQ’s’ Clash of the Bands. The night was such an insane mix of emotions but, at the end, they announced the winner to be me.

I felt so happy and like all my dreams were coming true, especially cause this allowed me to perform at the 2024 Hyperfest festival, an all-ages drug-free concert.

I had the honour of opening for acts like; Pacific Avenue, Sly Withers, Joan and the Giants, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers and Ūla. This was by far the biggest thing I’d ever get the opportunity to do and I truly was ego tripping.

Rosalie Chilvers

A time Elianie was ego tripping;

A time I majorly ego tripped was when I was announced as a Triple J Unearthed High finalist in 2023!

I had turned on the radio bright and early, with no expectations, and when they said my name as a finalist for my track, ‘Out of Luck’, I burst into tears!!

During the week or so after, leading up to the winner announcement, I was on such a high! So that has definitely remained a highlight of my music career so far, and I think I ego tripped pretty hard!!

Elianie Rosalie Chilvers

A time Hannah Gill (Shorehaven) was ego tripping;

I think a stand-out time when I was ego tripping would be my very first WAM Awards. The audience was filled with people who I idolised, the musicians I had been looking up to for years.

It was incredibly surreal, and I was having a major imposter syndrome moment! But somehow I mustered up the courage to mingle, and that’s when it happened. People knew who I was.

Joan And The Giants, Dulcie, Dear Sunday, Noah Dillon, these people were celebrities to me and suddenly they were saying “Hannah from Shorehaven, I know you!”

To say I was ego tripping was an understatement. I ego tripped, fell, and face-planted into the ground!!

Hannah Gill Rosalie Chilvers

A time Siena Rebelo was ego tripping;

In 2020 (I think it was 2020) I applied for Hyper Festival and to my surprise, a couple of months later, I got an email back saying that I had landed a support slot for Hyperfest to play alongside Spacey Jane.

When I found this out, I was absolutely thrilled ego definitely through the roof and when I found out I was in a music class and because I was so happy, I was going around and telling everyone that I was playing with this huge band.

However, I was so caught up in the thrill of it all that I didn’t think would make other people feel who didn’t get that opportunity.

Siena Rebelo Rosalie Chilvers

A time Siobhan Cotchin was ego tripping;

The last time I was ego tripping was very recent. I went on tour with Matchbox Twenty and The Goo Goo Dolls last month and getting to play arenas around the country was certainly a boost to the ego! As soon as I got up on the stage I felt this confidence and just gave it my everything.

Being home has certainly humbled me and brought me down to earth but whenever I need a pick me up I think about those shows (and Rob Thomas watching me from the side of stage!)

  Siobhan Cotchin Rosalie Chilvers