Pop-Rock artist Olivia Hellman follows up slew of successful releases with single Girl Friend

San-Francisco native, Olivia Hellman writes catchy pop rock to rival the greatest in the industry today, and her new single is no exception

Asian-American singer songwriter Olivia Hellman has found herself in New York City, releasing hit after hit as she builds a loyal listenership and buzz of excitement about what she’ll do next.

A student of musical theatre for the past four years, Hellman’s confidence should come as no surprise. Honing her acting, dancing and single skills at NYU, she comes onto the scene bursting with talent and ambition.

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Her debut single ‘Mr. Ego Boy’ was a self-coined ‘bratty pop’ anthem that amassed streams and interest. ‘Prove It!’ was her follow up revenge-era track that solidified her as an artist watch, following in the footsteps of her namesake Olivia Rodrigo.

Her latest single however showcases a different, softer side of Hellman. ‘Girl Friend’ is a ballad that questions the age old notion of whether or not straight boys and girls can just be friends.

Channelling the sad girl starter pack vibes, ‘Girl Friend’ is a nugget of relativity for any young woman in Hellman’s position. A 2000’s-esque acoustic guitar and snare heavy drum groove, Hellman’s vocals are delicate and pronounced.

Setting a clear scene, Hellman has a slight Lea Michele inspired tone to her voice, the musical theatre background in full force.

olivia hellman happy mag review

‘Girl Friend’ in fact wouldn’t be out of place in any modern musical, a testament to Hellman’s writing and composition as well as her powerful vocal.

Extremely emotive and playing on a hefty dose of nostalgia, ‘Girl Friend’ is a blend of theatricality and modern piano pop.

Complete with a voicemail sample, ‘Girl Friend’ is almost too epic to be treated as just a pop ballad.

With its movie magic quality and powerhouse vocal performance, this track is a unique look at the crossroad between theatre and pop.

Hellman is an interesting artist, one with undoubtable talent and many an option as to where she takes it.

‘Girl Friend’ is a compelling track, one fit for theatre and pop fans alike. Head over here to give it a listen.