Switzerland based project Seasonal Falls release final track ahead of debut album

Inspired by the likes of Teenage Fanclub and Elliott Smith, Seasonal Falls prepare to release their debut record with new single ‘Lie Down’

Recorded in their home studio, ‘Lie Down’ is said to be the rock song from the upcoming album from Swiss duo Seasonal Falls.

With their debut album scheduled for May 10th, the pair have offered several tastes of what to expect.

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Written literally while lying down, this track explores those moments where everything is just a bit too much, and it’s probably best to have a lie down and regroup.

A song about the inability to outrun our problems, the rock song that isn’t really a rock song (according to the band) is the result of one members illness that left them bed-ridden, the product of what usually is a highly unproductive experience.

The track opens with a soft acoustic guitar riff, quickly blooming into an emotive mellow rock track.

Simple yet powerful drums, sparse production and a soothing vocal draw us in closer, making it near impossible not to feel something when the chorus melody washes over us.

A song of comfort, sadness and acceptance, ‘Lie Down’ is the perfect blend of the pairs influences.

The Elliot Smith inspired vocal and the smooth instrumentation reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub’s ‘It’s All In My Mind’ make for something so subtle yet so wrenching.

So simple and so moving, ‘Lie Down’ is like a drug straight to the vein.

It covers listeners in a transparent blanket, light enough that it feels like nothing at all, all we know is that something is here with us, and something understands.

The beauty is in the simplicity of ‘Lie Down’, in how the duo convey such weighted emotion with such ease and conviction.

Sparkling with modern production while borrowing by the spoonful from the past, ‘Lie Down’ is undeniable in its essence.

A beautiful offering of connection, and an ode to artists past and present, Seasonal Falls are onto something incredible special.

Check out Seasonal Falls here and below:

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