Sly Withers share their top five Western Australian bands

Next month, Western Australia’s WAMFest will once again showcase the best in homegrown music. If you haven’t already checked out the massive list of acts playing the festival, we strongly recommend you suss it out now.

Ahead of WAMFest, we caught up with one of our favourite Western Australian bands Sly Withers to get their opinion on the five best western Australian Bands.

Ahead of WAMFest next month, we caught up with WA natives Sly Withers for an extensive run-down on the best music currently being made in our country’s west.

Carla Geneve

The first time I (Sam) saw Carla Geneve was in a bowls club with 20 people watching, and by the time she sung the first couple of lines in her track I Hate You For Making Me Not Wanna Leave The City I was convinced that Carla was the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread/penicillin. She plays with an amazing band too and absolutely shreds at guitar while making it look bloody effortless.


Oi so Flossy are sick. Like real sick. When you watch them play live, I guarantee that you will be captivated by each one of their 4 members at one point or another in the set. Lots of hair and rock moves and amazing harmonies and broken drum sticks. I particularly like the bit of their set where both Sinead and Lauren start yelling “cheap wine” at you. It’s great and I really relate to it.

Pot Plant House Party

These guys put out a rip snorter of a self-titled EP earlier this year and while we may share a member with them, he’s not writing this so I’m allowed to say how sick they are. The wall of noise that hits your chest at a Pot Plant show will reach deep down inside of you and change you as a person. By the time you have this life altering moment you’ll realise they’ve just started doing some kind of hectic 3 part vocal harmony and decide to give up on music because there’s no way you’ll ever top that. Maybe that’s just me though?

Idle Eyes

My favourite thing about Idle Eyes is that at least 2 of their members love pro wrestling. For those playing at home that’s a solid 1 more wrestling fan than we have here in Sly. Their vocalist Sha even does the wrestle sometimes because he’s a #bigstrongboi. But for real though, these guys rip and just put out an incredible album called Bitter Work that you should definitely check out if you’re into dope bands who write tunes that sonically dance between ferocious and pretty ft. vocals that are jam packed with emotion.

Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane? More like “really good band,” am i right? An amazing group of people with amazing tunes and an amazing live set (bonus points for a very aesthetically pleasing collection of guitars). It’s always a pleasure to catch Spacey’s chirpy indie-rock bangers live and we’re really looking forward to witnessing the world domination that is surely coming their way.

WAMFest will be taking place from October 31st – November 4th, 2018.

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