Rosalie Chilvers has no time for toxicity on new single ‘Ego Tripping’

“If that guitar’s the love of your life,” Rosalie Chilvers sneers on Ego Tripping, “then no, I will never be your wife.” 

Rosalie Chilvers has offered a searing takedown of egotistical musicians on Ego Tripping, a pop punk gem that serves as the WA musician’s sophomore single.

Driven by a stirring heavy baseline and thunderous percussion, the single at first feels like quintessential pop-rock, complete with powerful guitar melodies and the infectious sneer of Chilvers’ vocals. 

Rosalie Chilvers single

These punkish flairs are carried by the track’s teeth-baring instrumentation, seemingly purpose-built for an impassioned commute home with the windows up.

Later, Chilvers dives further into heavier sound by unleashing belting screams on the bridge, proving she’s equally at home in both pop and rock flourishes. 

For all its noisier elements — which place you almost vicariously in the centre of a heaving moshpit —  Ego Tripping is just as interested in the melodies and stylings of pop music.

Rosalie Chilvers single

The track features enough catchy vocal riffs and infectious hooks to ensure its destined for earworm status, and much of this comes courtesy of Chilvers’ charismatic vocals. 

Personality oozes from every syllable, as the singer-songwriter flits between guttural ad libs and doe-eyed, valley girl-like delivery with finesse.

For a lesser musician, balancing these tone switches in both the vocals and production might have proven dizzying, but Chilvers pulls off the feat through the sheer force of her magnetism. 

Rosalie Chilvers single

It’s the kind of delivery that at once recalls the likes of Ashnikko, Remi Wolf and Doja Cat, all of whom hail from the same ilk of crafting a persona with their unique vocal choices.

Chilvers’ personality shines through in her songwriting, too. Here, she laments the typical toxic musician (you know the type), offering sharp takedowns of someone who is “more more than a zero.” 

“If that guitar’s the love of your life,” she sneers on the blistering second chorus, “then no, I will never be your wife.” It’s this kind of storytelling that allows Chilvers’ pen to draw blood, and one perfectly suited to the single’s riotous pop energy. 

Ego Tripping, which was co-written by Siobhan Cotchin, is especially impressive in that it marks Chilvers’ second-ever release, following on from the arrival of Glitter and Romance last May.

With these two stellar tracks as evidence, it’s clearly just the beginning. Listen to Rosalie Chilvers’ latest single Ego Tripping below.