SelfDivision releases a drop of electronic trip hop with ‘Our Love’ the first single from her upcoming debut album

Hailing from Sydney, SelfDivision brings a darker energy to her sound with her new single ‘Our Love’, the first look at her upcoming album

SelfDivision is the artist name of Jessica Fitzgibbon, a songwriter and producer whom already has a slew of releases under her belt.

A blend of electronica and trip hop, SelfDivision uses her ethereal vocal as the gateway to her hypnotic sound.

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A classically trained vocalist and musician, SelfDivision pulls from a variety of influences ranging from Radiohead to PJ Harvey.

Off the back of her debut EP ‘ENIGMA’, a record that explores the polarity of desire, this new track is propelled by the strength of Fitzgibbon’s previous world building.

‘Our Love’ is dark and twisted, danceable and moving. With unexpected chord changes and interlocking synths, there is an unease in the haunting yet sensual landscape.

A fusion of house and electronica, ‘Our Love’ is reminiscent of London Grammar. “I’ll throw it all away,” the line repeated the most throughout the track is telling of the mindset SelfDivision was in when she created ‘Our Love’.

A little reckless, a little longing and a little unhinged, ‘Our Love’ is a tidal wave of emotion captured in individual bottles.

Clearly an experienced producer, and one that creates with an ease that only talent can provide, her classical training soars in her vocal melodies and softness combined with a strength and presence that makes for a memorable listen.

Possessing a power both in her artistry and femininity, SelfDivision is a master of her own sound, and moulding her influences to her will.

With an undoubtedly strong start to her career, SelfDivision is always one step ahead.

Keeping her releases in close proximity, she establishes herself as an artist with a plan, one with an urgency to be heard and a reason to be listened to.

Listen to ‘Our Love’ below.