Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: Sigur Rós, Doja Cat, Jack River and more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staff Picks, where every week we highlight our favourite new music releases. 

Another week comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly anticipated album from Jack River, to Stevans dreamy pop single Loners Club, and the sweeping alt stylings of Sigur Rós, we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

peggy gou

Sigur Rós ÁTTA

Sigur Rós has unveiled their long-awaited album, ÁTTA, after a decade-long hiatus, recorded across continents and legendary studios, showcasing their awe-inspiring sonic landscapes and ethereal beauty. Brace yourself for an extraordinary musical odyssey that transports you to a realm of pure enchantment.

Doja CAT  —Attention

Doja Cat has dropped a fierce bombshell of a rap single ‘Attention,’ a haunting vibe of a track that boldly confronts her departure from The Weeknd’s epic ‘After Hours’ stadium tour, spitting fiery lines like “My flavor’s exquisite, but I had to reroute my culinary skills / I could’ve opened for him, but I redirected my own booking destiny.”

Jack River  — Endless Summer

Jack River’s eagerly awaited sophomore album, “Endless Summer,” seamlessly blends pop sensibilities with introspective lyrics, enchanting listeners with her powerful yet vulnerable voice and artistic vision. This vibrant gem serves as a prescription for finding solace amidst life’s chaos, offering a positive and introspective soundtrack to navigate the pressures of existence.

Stevan  Loners Club

Multi-disciplinary artist and producer Stevan is set to release his highly anticipated EP, “Loners Club,” on July 7. The title track, a refreshingly introspective dreamy single, gives listeners a taste of Stevan’s sonic evolution. With enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, Stevan invites us to join him on a captivating musical journey that celebrates individuality and self-discovery.

Somber Hills  Hurdles

Somber Hills breaks boundaries with their genre-blending single “Hurdles,” seamlessly merging trap and pop-punk influences into an emotionally charged anthem that captivates with its introspective lyrics and powerful tone. Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the shadows as Somber’s unique musical vision unfolds.

Peggy Gou  — (It Goes Like This) Nanana

Rejoice, music aficionados, as the multi-talented Peggy Gou makes a triumphant comeback after a two-year hiatus, delivering a sonic masterpiece that draws inspiration from the Balearic sound, 90s and 2000s dance anthems, and her own signature club production. Brace yourself for the infectious charm of ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana,’ a track that effortlessly captures the essence of sunsets and sunrises, destined to become the ultimate soundtrack for blissful moments across the globe.

Queens of the Stone Age  — In Times New Roman

Prepare to be enthralled as the legendary rock titans, Queens of the Stone Age, unleash their long-awaited eighth studio album, “In Times New Roman…,” immersing you in a sonic experience that exudes raw power and uncompromising brutality, while simultaneously taking you on an extraordinary voyage of unmatched beauty. Led by the incomparable Joshua Homme, the band delivers their most introspective and thought-provoking lyrics yet, where scars and scabs transcend their physical nature, serving as potent metaphors that illuminate the profound transformative journeys of these exceptional artists.

Pale Dream  — Something Tells Me

Pale Dream’s music takes a nostalgic nod to indie post-punk greats like The Smiths and The Cure, capturing their catchy melodies that linger in your head and inspire sing-alongs, while proudly representing the vibrant energy of Salt Lake City’s music scene.

Elle Shimada  — Mononoke

Elle Shimada’s single “Mononoke,” featuring the dynamic vocals of Waanyi/Gaangaliida artist and Naarm-based rapper Yami, combines trap and drum ‘n’ bass-inspired beats with powerful bass elements, resulting in an electrifying and immersive dance floor experience. This captivating track not only energizes listeners but also encourages “dance-floor-activism,” inviting exploration of the harmonious blend of music and environmentalism.

Rachel Alice  — (It Goes Like This) Nanana

In her new single “Runaway,” Rachel Alice gracefully embarks on a fresh musical chapter, gently guiding us through her introspective musings. With a touch of her English accent, Rachel crafts a captivating and emotionally resonant track that draws us in with its tender yet consuming essence.

Coach Party  — Born Leader

Coach Party, the alt-rock band, makes a triumphant return with their latest single “Born Leader,” a shimmering blend of shoegaze that offers a tantalizing preview of their upcoming self-produced album, set to release on September 8th, 2023 via Chess Club Records. With introspective lyrics, “Born Leader” tackles the delicate balance between outward confidence and the hidden self-doubt that lingers behind closed doors.

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