Transcending Boundaries: Mister Co. shares new single ‘Don’t Talk About It’

Mister Co. ignites their latest single, “Don’t Talk About It,” that begins with a gentle guitar that crescendos into a solid rock symphony.

Mister Co., the unstoppable musical phenomenon, has released their third single, aptly titled “Don’t Talk About It,” signaling a thrilling evolution in their rock-infused sound.

As the creative forces behind Mister Co., Connor and Oscar Absolum have fearlessly embraced a new artistic direction, bidding farewell to the saccharine sentiments of “LOVE” that once defined their earlier works.

mister co

This time, they delve deep into the labyrinthine narratives of emotional captivity, breaking free from the constraints imposed upon them by supposed allies.

mister co

The track begins with a tender guitar, gradually building momentum until it erupts into a swelling symphony of solid rock.

Its infectious chorus is an irresistible earworm that lingers for days, exemplifying Mister Co.’s sonic allure.

With a fusion of alternative and rock influences Mister Co. takes you on a musical journey to a realm of boundless self-discovery and liberation. Their undeniable passion for their craft shines through, and above all, their genuine love for creating music resonates with every note.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Don’t Talk About It,” the duo shared, “We penned this track while reflecting on the moments in our lives when we felt stifled and restrained by those who didn’t support our musical endeavors, our business aspirations, and even our relationship. This was our chance to reclaim our voice and let our truth be heard.”

Building upon the resounding triumph of their debut offering, “Tonight,” and the compelling follow-up, “Make You Feel Alright,” Mister Co. continues to ascend, basking in the warm glow of international acclaim from both radio airwaves and esteemed editorial circles.

With over 50,000 streams and a presence on more than 200 playlists worldwide, their music has woven itself into the fabric of musical appreciation.

Notably, their captivating tunes have found a special place on esteemed radio stations like JOY FM in Melbourne, a cherished supporter of the vibrant LGBTIQA+ community.

Mister Co., the harmonious union of two passionate musicians and producers, Connor and Oscar Absolum, embodies the sheer brilliance that emerges when disparate genres collide.

Oscar’s deep-rooted love for grandiose big band melodies and the theatricality of musical theatre intertwines seamlessly with Connor’s unwavering devotion to anthemic rock, soulful strains, and infectious pop sensibilities.

Together, their creative partnership is an embodiment of the boundless possibilities that arise from musical alchemy.

mister co

While their collaborative ventures have spanned an impressive range of projects, both on and off the stage, it was their blissful union in April 2022 that ignited the spark for their songwriting journey as a dynamic duo.

Fueled by the magic of their wedding, their shared commitment to musical expression has flourished into a remarkable partnership, propelling Mister Co. toward ever-expanding sonic horizons.

Co-produced by the talented Dominik Harold from Protonaut Studios, “Don’t Talk About It” showcases the collective efforts of these musical maestros. Fans can eagerly anticipate the release of this single on various streaming platforms, available from Saturday, the 17th of June.

In addition “Don’t Talk About It” serves as a tantalizing taste of Mister Co.’s highly anticipated debut album, “On This Journey.”

Set to arrive in early 2024, the album weaves together a collection of songs that chronicle their shared experiences from high school to the stages they’ve graced, ultimately culminating in their union as husbands.

With “On This Journey,” Mister Co. seeks to encapsulate their personal and artistic growth, presenting a cohesive and compelling narrative through their music.

With each release, Mister Co. unveils a new layer of their artistic brilliance, pushing boundaries and defying expectations. “Don’t Talk About It” serves as a powerful testament to their evolution, showcasing their unyielding determination to carve their own path in the rock genre.

So get ready to be swept away by the sonic waves of Mister Co.’s transformative music. Let their lyrics resonate within your soul and their melodies ignite a fire in your heart.