Action! 7 Music videos with awesome stunts and stuntmen

There’s nothing like pulling off a backflip… or a double backflip for that matter. Sometimes artists like to show us that they’re not only talented when it comes to music. We found seven music videos with stunts included – sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s the artist, and other times it’s… not so hard. Check them out for yourself but we warn you: Do not under any circumstances try these tricks at home.

music videos with awesome stunts and stuntmen Client liason

What makes a good clip? Awesome feats of skill! Here are 7 music videos with awesome stunts and stuntmen. Remember kids, these people are professionals.

Pikachunes – Nervous

In his clip for Nervous, New Zealand’s Pikachunes walks, skips and weaves around a city and occasionally stops for a dance break or two. He can actually break it down pretty well but we started to doubt his gymnastic abilities in almost ten seconds.

The Beastie Boys – Sabotage

Perhaps one of the most impressive stunt-packed videos, Beastie Boys really go the full nine yards and offer more action than Starsky and Hutch (and way more in the way of handlebar moustaches for that matter too). Some say that parkour has its historical roots in this video.

Ciggie Witch – Long Weekend

It’s hard to tell if the Melbourne band are performing these dirt-bike stunts themselves or if they’ve got their mates to do it but there’s something so mesmeric about watching helmeted figures flick dirt up all around the place on crappy VHS footage. Let us know guys so we can set the record straight!

Client Liaison – Feed The Rhythm

And the award for most jaw-dropping stunt music video goes to this Melbourne duo without a doubt. The pair not only shred up the slopes themselves (while lip-syncing!), but they even have amazing drone footage and of course some babin’ snow bunnies keeping them company. This is nothing new for Client Liaison. The pair really make an effort to produce flawless video clips for most of their songs.

Palms – Bad Apple

The most recent SPOD directed clip sees Sydney rockers Palms showing off their skating and rollerskating skills around Sydney uni and its surrounds. Upon first glance this looks like a legit skate video – we just advise you to look closely at the tricks. It all makes for a super entertaining and hilarious clip.

Juan Wauters – I’m All Wrong (On A Bicycle)

In one take, Juan Wauters rides his bike while singing his tune I’m All Wrong. He even manages to get into AND out-ride some scallywags who start chasing him. Very impressive Juan. Very impressive indeed.

Kanye West – Touch The Sky

Who else could pull off a music video of them crashing a rocket? This one’s special because it’s got two kinds of stunts: the regular kind and a publicity stunt. Watch Kanye make out with Pamela Anderson and get shot into the sky.

Ed: Dear Greta, how is possible that you have not included Dinosaur Junior’s Over It? Anyway here it is music lovers: