Adventure Time announces 8 episode miniseries slotted for January 2017

It’s rare that a cartoon comes along which is loved by children and adults equally, and Adventure Time is one of the shows that fits the bill. Over six years and eight seasons, the world has slowly fallen in love with the effortlessly cool Finn and Jake, and their tripped out homeworld Ooo.

With the knowledge that the show will be coming to an end in 2018, fans will be clinging onto every new episode that airs, and today’s announcement will have them reeling with joy.

adventure time islands

Finn and Jake will embark on their perilous adventures once again in January with an 8 episode miniseries dubbed Adventure Time: Islands.

Similar to their miniseries Stakes which aired in November 2015, Islands will be a self-contained story on a limited run of episodes, to be released all at once on January 24.

Watch the opening theme from the upcoming series below:

Via Pitchfork.

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