Here are the 5 best Youtube to MP3 converters on the web

When The Avalanches returned in 2016 it triggered a renewed interest in the world of plunderphonics – the art of stitching together borrowed samples to create an original composition.

The band’s seminal 2000 record Since I Left You was a shining beacon in the canon of sample-based records, and their 2016 follow-up Wildflower recalls these Frankenstein-eque idiosyncrasies that makes this creative style so interesting.

Since the turn of the millennium, this art – which has been gaining motion since the early 1980s – has by no means lost its legs. If anything it has grown another 20.

The concept of ‘ripping’ content form YouTube, for whatever reason this might be, has become commonplace in the digital era. And because of this it’s not surprising that popular media converters and ripping programs sit amongst some of the most visited websites on the net.

Some are dodgy, some are extremely useful, whether your a publisher creating content or musician collecting samples for some weird new project. To help you avoid the former, let’s take a look at 10 of the best YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters on the web.

The act of plundering content has deviated from music into so many other creative realms, and the tools creators use to rip Youtube to MP3 has never been more relevant.


A powerful YouTube to Mp3 and Mp4 converter, ClipConverter is quick, fast and simple. Outside of YouTube, you can also plunder video and audio from a number of different supported services, such a Vimeo, MySpace and Facebook videos amongst many, many others. Check it out.

YouTube to Mp3

If you need an mp3 fast, this is the real deal. The most no-bullshit tool of the lot, YouTube to Mp3 has a simple interface, gets the job done quick and doesn’t bother you with intrusive ads, clickthrough pages or any of the usual business you see on these sites.

It can convert YouTube videos up to 2 hours long so if you’re downloading in these parameters it’s the best there is. Check it out.


With no upper limit on video length, VidtoMP3 is your go-to source for downloading anything from three hour DJ sets to ambient forest noise compilations. Check it out.


A killer site that takes it’s name seriously. After extensive use, it seems pretty hard to find audio that Anything2MP3 can’t rip. YouTube is just the beginning here, this site boasting the capability to create MP3s from Dropbox, Bandcamp, Mixcloud and even Vine videos. Check it out.


Youtubemp3 is another free no hassle MP3 converter. It allows you to convert videos to different audio qualities (192 kbps, 256 kbps etc) and supports multiple audio formats such as .mp4, .aac, .webm, .m4a and others. They even allow you to trim audio clips before downloading them which is a nice touch. Check it out.

Listen to Youtube the way it was meant to be here.