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Synplant 2: Cultivating Creativity in the Software Synth Landscape

It’s almost criminal to call it a “synth” with such vast sonic capabilities, maybe a “creative tundra with warmth in sight” is more fitting.

From synths to guitar pedals, acoustic instruments to outrageous modular boxes – we have no shortage of sound design options. And with an over-saturated software synth market, Synplant 2 is a breath of fresh air, offering an alternative workflow to traditional synthesis methods.

Synplant 2

Synplant 2 is so much more than we ever thought a soft synth could be. Can you imagine showing this to someone like Bob Moog back in 1964 when he released the first voltage-controlled modular synth? A true testament to the developers at Sonic Charge for pioneering a new wave of sound design.

Synplant 1 has been around for a while now, with this being its first update in 15 years. Version 2 comes with the addition of an A.I powered engine called “Genopatch” adding the ability to recreate any audio sample into a fully controllable synth patch almost instantly, which is a welcomed feature by many faithful users.

Synplant Screenshot

Other new additions include some fresh “bulb modes” for versatile triggering methods, enhanced performances with mono patches, glide/portamento, tempo sync, and an assignable mod wheel.

Synplant Screenshot

All this is beautifully integrated into a very otherworldly designed interface with very tactile and intuitive controls. You’ll go from feeling like a scientist in the lab to a gardener tending to their plants.

Synplant Screenshot

The ability to capture the essence of the “no bound sound design” workflow that our DAW of choice “Ableton Live” embodies so well in a software synthesizer, is nothing but astounding. It almost feels criminal to call it a “synthesizer” with such vast sonic capabilities, maybe “a creative tundra with warmth in sight” is more fitting. No matter what you call it, you’ll find only further inspiration at the end of any creative endeavour.

Synplant 2

Synplant 2 will bring a sense of adventure and a whole lot of fun back into the sometimes monotonous thing we call “music production”.

The upgrade price for all Synplant version 1 owners is 50 USD, and the full price is 149 USD.

Head over to the Sonic Charge website to download a copy now.