Kickass proxy list: the best KAT alternatives (updated for 2022)

It’s 2022 and you are looking for Kickass proxy right? Since Kickass Torrents went bust in 2016 it’s left a hole for peer-to-peer sharing all around the world. Read on for a list of the best alternatives, ready to use today.

Kickass Torrents, often abbreviated as KAT, was a hugely popular peer-to-peer file sharing network that was forced to close in 2016. Since then it’s been tough to find a Kickass proxy that sticks around for more than a few months.

While the practice of downloading torrent files isn’t illegal in itself, the grounds the US government used to seize the domain was based on the millions of copyright-protected files circulating on the website. The majority of music, film, television, and let’s face it, porn, are all copyrighted under US law – hence the site got jacked.

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It meant the birth of the Kickass proxy. KAT’s former employees started a new site with a similar interface, and nowadays there’s many ways to get access to the database if you know where to look for the right katproxy downloads online.

What is a Kickass proxy?

A Kickass proxy is essentially a site that lets you get back-door access to KAT. They’ll make your browser appear as if it’s based in a location where KAT isn’t illegal, masking your IP address and allowing you to access the kat torrent site. Let me explain kickass to you, in a more trustworthy way than Reddit kick ass torrent pages or katproxy Facebook ever could.

Have you seen those ads for VPNs, perhaps as a sponsor on a YouTube video? Well, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN will encrypt your internet traffic, making it far more difficult for third parties to view, collect, or sell your internet data. This is essentially is what KAT sites do. By masking your online identity and changing your location, an abundance of online content suddenly becomes available. Don’t like US Netflix because they don’t have Doctor Who? Change that VPN to a UK location, and you’re good to go.

Sounds simple, right? It is. However, in most cases, these sites are also frowned upon, which is why they come and go.

Working Kickass proxy sites

Tested recently, these are the Kickass proxy sites that still let you access the KAT database of torrent files:

Please note, these proxies come and go. If a link is broken, check another one – we regularly update this list to make sure they’re all working as intended.

Are there alternatives to Kick ass Torrents (Kat Torrent)?

It’s the internet, so of course there are alternatives to KAT out there. In 2014, Kickass Torrents was the most prominent BitTorrent network on the web, and countless imitators popped up, trying to grab a slice of the pie.

In 2021, a lot of these sites have stood the test of time, and are great places to look if you’re having trouble finding a working Kickass torrent. Below are a list of popular alternatives everyone should consider if a Kickass proxy isn’t doing the trick.

  • The Pirate Bay: Another big dog of the BitTorrent world, The Pirate Bay has faced a similarly troubled past to KAT. It’s been raided, shut down, moved offshore, and generally found a million ways to stay one step ahead of the parties who would have them shut down permanently.
  • LimeTorrents: A cleanly alternative, if that’s your jib. LimeTorrents is one of the largest torrent databases in the world, only behind a few of the other major players – most of the time though, using a Kickass proxy will be a better choice.
  • RARBG: Probably the most actively up-to-date site out there, the RARBG community is always right on the money with the latest content.
  • TorLock: Likely the best choice for the readers out there. TorLock boasts an especially large collection of eBooks, for those who don’t want to pay $15 for a novel that went copyright-free in the ’80s. It’s also a great source for anime torrents.
  • IsoHunt: Supplying a wide range of downloadable torrents, IsoHunt has been dubbed one of the best alternatives to KAT. The site allows its large community of users to upload torrents of various categories, including films, TV shows, games, software, music, books and anime.
  • YourBittorent: Considered a safe, user-friendly alternative to the outlawed Kickass Torrents, YourBittorent is reportedly among the first torrenting sites to ever launch; boasting outstanding P2P files in all popular categories.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but between these six and KAT, you should be covered.

Disclaimer: don’t be naughty!

Remember, the practice of file sharing by way of torrent downloads such as a Kickass proxy isn’t illegal. Downloading copyrighted material without paying for it though – that’s illegal.

Just recently, a VPN provider by the name of TorGuard was sued by a myriad of film studios for promoting copyright breaches and piracy. After reaching a settlement, TorGuard agreed to obstruct BitTorrent traffic for its users.

With the vast amount of streaming services available today across the markets of film, television, and music, it’s never been easier to support your favourite creators by subscribing to a service that suits you. Music lovers, note that Napster/Rhapsody, Tidal, and Youtube Music pay the best dividends to artists per stream. Spotify – especially if you’re using a free account – pays the least.

In 2021, game streaming has also come into the fore. For a subscription fee similar to Netflix, services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now allow access to thousands of video games, all downloadable on-demand. These programs often include older games that were previously unplayable or unavailable on newer consoles, meaning it’s a fantastic way to revisit the classics you grew up on without using an illegal emulator.

Torrenting can be an excellent practice for downloading anything open-source, from 3D models to found footage or massive free-to-use sample archives. We don’t condone piracy, so if you’re using torrents responsibly, then find a Kickass proxy and get started today.

So, what are the legal uses for a Kickass proxy?

Believe it or not, and despite KAT’s less-than-legal history, there’s actually a huge database of perfectly legal material you can download from the site’s directory. The categories don’t stop at music and video – you can also download ebooks, documents, apps, games, and of course, porn.

While a great majority of the website is dedicated to pirated material, there are some exceptions. For anyone who’s modified a smartphone, such as jailbreaking an iPhone, searching for a Kickass proxy often becomes the way you’ll search for apps that were ordinarily free, but now aren’t available through the conventional app store. Apps that you want to use an older version of are also quite popular here.

Older books that have faded out of copyright are also, annoyingly, often resold at exorbitant prices by ebook publishers. Torrenting is a way around such hurdles. Though it’s not exactly legal, but perhaps ethical depending on who you ask, torrenting can be a way for students to find scholarly articles and textbooks that are usually only available at prohibitive prices.

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