Audio-Technica's new Creator Community is your place for learning, connecting and discounts -

Audio-Technica’s new Creator Community is your place for learning, connecting and discounts

Audio-Technica has launched The Creator Community: a place for you to share your gear and creations. In here you can find like-minded people, get discounts, tips and tricks and learn more about your gear.

A group of passionate employees inside Audio-Technica realised that there’s a whole world of creators out there who trust upon the brand for creating their content, so with the company’s blessing, they started the Audio-Technica Creator Community.

This community was designed to help fans meet other like-minded people, learn more about their equipment, and help the company grow. All too often you might find yourself stuck in a creative rut — or feel like you are alone in the music world — so this wholesome space will break you away from those self-imposed boundaries.

There’s no one too big or too small to join the Creator Community, nor do you need to own a full suite of Audio-Technica gear — in fact, the first 50 people to sign up will get a free swag pack. More benefits to being part of the community are a chance to be a featured Audio-Technica artist of the month, exclusive discounts and you’ll get regular tips and tricks.

To coincide with the launch of the community, Audio-Technica is launching its Discord channel. This channel will be a safe space where you can share your work and there will be interviews with musicians, gamers and influencers — all offering advice for creators.

Rebecca Ward, Director of Global Communications for Audio-Technica, said:

“We’re really excited to launch the Creator Community this summer to celebrate our fans and their creativity. We’re always inspired by the content our customers share – from podcasts created with our AT2020 microphone to tracks mastered with our ATH-M50x headphones – and now we finally have a space to unite people who value quality audio performance.

We hope this community will inspire new work and friendships, whilst also providing us with an opportunity to reward our incredible customers.”

From our point of view, this seems like a healthy way of getting to know someone across the other side of the world and learning more about your equipment direct from the company itself.

To sign up, and for more details head over to Audio-Technica’s website.