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Soundcore Space A40: Grammy winner endorsed Hi-Res Audio Earbuds

Why are we talking about earbuds in a Pro Audio section? The Soundcore Space A40 earbuds have Hi-Res audio and are endorsed by Grammy winners, we checked these out in the studio.

The market is flooded with earbuds — one might be overwhelmed with choice — so you want to get it right for your purposes. Soundcore is a company whose products range from headphones to speakers, to sunglasses with audio speakers in them. While it might sound gimmicky, their products are made of the highest quality and have heaps of endorsements from Grammy-winning artists and producers.

Their latest offering the Space A40 wireless earbuds come complete with Hi-Res audio, pioneering double-layered diaphragm drivers that enhances the sound quality, adaptive ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) and 50 hours of playtime. It’s these things that consumers are wanting, stronger noise cancellation and longer battery life.

Given that our focus here is on all things Pro Audio, we were curious to see how some of our Live From Happy recordings and mixes translated to these earbuds. Boring tech woes aside, when setting up the Space A40 earbuds the Multipoint Bluetooth connection was very welcome as the recordings we wanted to listen to were spread across multiple computers. We just love it when our tech works don’t we?!?

Knowing the sound of my standard run-of-the-mill earbuds really well — from a company I won’t mention, I was instantly impressed with the sound of these earbuds. Those double-layer drivers really do work, and the noise reduction and snug fit helped with hearing the clarity we had originally intended when we recorded and mixed the artists that come in for the performances in our studio.

It’s a 10mm double-layer diaphragm driver with metal-ceramic material driver that can be further tailored by you on the Soundcore mobile app. It automatically tunes audio frequencies to personal hearing and allows you to dive into an 8-band EQ to sculpt further. Without all of this, the sound is fantastic and has a warm, clear low end and crisp trebles.

Coming in a neat little charging case — yes, we much prefer light and small these days — these Space A40 earbuds come with 50 hours of battery life. It’s packed with fast charging technology too, so you can get 4 hours of playtime from 10 minutes of charging! They also come with Bluetooth 5.2 making them future proofed.

Of course there’s an internal microphone so you can call your band mates and tell them about how good your mix sounds, and there’s an external microphone so you can still hear the street noise and you won’t get hit by a bus when you are walking and listening!

Thinking about the price, I’m amazed that they come in at just $129.99. Yet another tick on the boxes that might entice a musician or audio engineer to want to reference their work while in transit.

The Soundcore Space A40’s come in black and white and for more details head over to Soundcore’s website.