Did SNL punch too low this week? Britney’s die hard fans think so, actually, so does her manager…

Saturday Night Live pushes the envelope not once, but twice, and Britney Spears fans are not happy.

In the grand tradition of pushing boundaries, Saturday Night Live (SNL) recently dropped a parody sketch centered around Britney Spears memoir.

Titled “The Woman in Me: Auditions,” the skit, led by Chloe Fineman, dives headfirst into the auditions for the narrator of Britney’s tumultuous life story.


Unsurprisingly, not everyone finds it funny. This sketch has triggered a wave of controversy, particularly for its inclusion of fictional and potentially touchy quotes.

The fictional jabs, including a dig at Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn, and sexual intimacy between Britney and Justin, has sent Britney’s manager, Cade Hudson, into a X tirade, slamming the sketch as “pathetic” and questioning if they found Fineman on Craigslist.

Did SNL step over the line by turning Britney’s real-life struggles into comedic material? The delicate dance between satire and sensitivity is no joke, especially when it waltzes into the minefield of Britney’s conservatorship and family drama.

And the drama doesn’t stop at Britney’s doorstep. This week, Timothée Chalamet finds himself in hot water for a sketch featuring a questionable joke about a band called Hamas. As if SNL hasn’t stirred the pot enough.

As the uproar continues, SNL is now at the epicenter of a raging debate about the boundaries of comedy.

Is everything fair game, or should there be some topics off-limits? The jury is still out, but you can dive into the controversial sketch, “The Woman in Me: Auditions,” and join the ongoing conversation about where the comedy line should be drawn.

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