Tune in for Shane Rennison’s live rendition of “Ghost” and “Drunk”

Beautifully filmed, and recorded to perfection, dive into the Shane Rennison’s total indie-pop mood live at the Outlier Inn

Navigating the indie-pop panorama, Shane Rennison shines as a sonic innovator in “Nice To Meet You.”

This debut EP, a five-track marvel produced by Julian Giaimo, not only explores the genre’s diverse landscape but firmly establishes Rennison within the realm of pop gems.

shane rennison

Yet, his musical journey goes beyond the confines of this project. Enter “Live at the Outlier Inn,” a raw and unfiltered session where Rennison and his band recorded three songs in May 2023 at the Outlier Inn Studio in Mountaindale, NY.

The setlist includes “Closer,” a 2022 single, and two tracks from his latest EP, “Ghost” and “Drunk.”

Captured by the lenses of Mike Bloom and Josh Baron, the live performances materialized into music videos released in October and November.

These visuals offer a genuine glimpse into Rennison’s musical essence, available for viewing on YouTube.

Additionally, a Live EP featuring all three songs is set for digital streaming platforms today (November 24th).

Transitioning from a solo venture to a collaborative endeavor with a full band, Rennison shares his excitement for a new dynamic and the potential to reach wider audiences, especially within the Catskills scene.

shane rennison

Beyond the immediacy of live sessions, Rennison hints at the completion of his team’s long-awaited debut album, scheduled for an early 2024 release.


shane rennison

In a world saturated with indie-pop, Shane Rennison’s authenticity and musical journey stand out as a testament to his craft. Head over here to watch more.