SAME PAINS deliver noise rock revelry on seething new single ‘blur’

“This song offers a poignant view that I have on my life,” SAME PAINS said of their noise-rock single, blur. 

In what marks a darker, grungier turn for the Queensland band, SAME PAINS have roared back onto the airwaves with the noise-rock revelry of new single, blur.

A cathartic release of heavy metal, the track brims with aggression, an insatiable feel helped along by the willfully discordant vocals of featured singer Kael Botica. 


Botica’s guttural delivery anchors the track, as punctuated by SAME PAINS’ clear knack for cataclysmic instrumentation.

All the staples of metal are there, from the dense guitar throughline to the emphatic rhythms of restless percussion. Volume is a tangible muse for the band, whose belligerent riffs blare with an intensity that’s bound for heaving mosh pits. 

SAME PAINS 'blur'  

While the opening moments of blur feel purpose-built for a purgative evening commute after a stressful work day (ideally with the windows up), SAME PAINS infuse the track with softer moments, too.

Amid screechy guitar licks and clashing cymbals, the band introduce more melodic chords and vocal harmonies on the chorus, transitioning blur into a pop punk territory reminiscent of Evanescence. 

At any given moment, blur walks the tightrope of both all-out cacophony and something more harmonic, showcasing SAME PAINS’ clear mastery of their specific sound.

Glitchy discord and screamy delivery are never outshone by the song’s punkish tendencies, to the point where SAME PAINS inhabit a genre that feels altogether their own. 


Baring their teeth as well as their souls, blur sees SAME PAINS confront their inner demons, seeing unseemly aspects of themselves in others.

“This song offers a poignant view that I have on my life,” singer Justin Kelly explained in a press statement, “A tarnished soul devoted to a failing body.” 


blur is the latest in a host of material set to be released by the five-piece over the coming months, with the follow-up single Candle Memory set to arrive early next month.

In the meantime, get swept up in the blissfully brutal sounds of SAME PAINS’ blur below.