Exploring the concept of shared secrets and memories, we delve into fragments with Grace Fuller

‘Lovers’ came from this fragment of an idea that had been sitting in my phone for years, waiting to be transformed into music. 

In the gentle embrace of Grace Fuller’s debut single, “Lovers,” the singer-songwriter unveils a guitar-led ballad that navigates the intricate realms of romance.

Adorned with the warmth of acoustic strums, the track’s subtle hi-hats and sparse instrumentation create an intimate space, allowing Fuller’s vocals to command the spotlight.

Grace Fuller single 'Lovers'

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the world of Grace Fuller, the emerging artist from the serene shores of the shire. From her wildlife conservation pursuits to the stripped-back authenticity of “Lovers,” we explore the inspirations and aspirations that shape her musical journey.

As she reflects on her live performances, influences, and the anticipation of future releases, Grace Fuller emerges as an artist whose laid-back style draws comparisons to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Joni Mitchell, promising a harmonious blend of storytelling and raw emotion in her upcoming EP for 2024.

Happy: What are you up to today?

Grace: Just hitting the books today, getting on the wildlife carer track. Super excited about the idea of helping out injured or sick animals. 

I’m working my way to becoming a WIRES volunteer, ready to dive into some wildlife rescue action. Maybe this will inspire some new music- who knows!

Happy: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods?

Grace: I’m originally from Dubbo, NSW, but after high school, I made the move to Sydney to dive into the music scene. 

These days, I’m based in the shire – it’s super relaxed and easygoing. Its pretty sweet, especially with the beach just down the road.

Happy: Describe an average day?

Grace: I love starting my day with a fruit smoothie, checking my emails, handling gig invoices & payments, and then I get ready for the day. 

Practice sessions are a must, whether it’s honing skills for a gig or just expanding my repertoire with new songs – always staying on the learning curve.

Happy: Congratulations on your debut single, “Lovers”! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you personally?

Grace: Thank you! The inspiration for ‘Lovers’ came from this fragment of an idea that had been sitting in my phone for years, waiting to be transformed into music. 

To me, I love the essence it creates, delving into the notion of shared secrets and memories, highlighting the depth of the connection that once existed.

Happy: The production of “Lovers” is notably stripped back. Was this a deliberate choice, and how do you feel it complements the message of the song?

Grace: Absolutely. Although this is my first release, I went into the studio with a clear picture of what I wanted to create. 

Authenticity is key for me. I wanted the track to be close to my live sound, so when I perform it, it hits just right. 

I also feel it complements the song because there aren’t overpowering elements that distract from the lyrics.

Happy: As a newcomer to the music scene, how does it feel to have “Lovers” be your first introduction to listeners? What do you hope they take away from it?

Grace: I’ve been blown away by the response to my debut track, and it’s incredible to see it getting radio play and resonating with so many people.

My sound has been evolving since I started writing music, so releasing this track is a thrilling moment.

I’m excited to have found the sound I was searching for and to connect with listeners. 

I hope this moment grabs listeners’ attention and sparks excitement for what’s to come in my future music releases.

Happy: You’ve performed at events like the Women’s T20 Cricket and Oktoberfest in the Domain. How have these live performances influenced your approach to making music, if at all?

Grace: Singing the National Anthem at the Women’s T20 Cricket was truly unforgettable—the energy on the field and the honour of singing our anthem have motivated me to push further in my music career. 

Oktoberfest, with its festival vibes, is like a dream come true for me. It’s a glimpse into what I hope my future holds in terms of festival performances.

While I can’t say my approach to songwriting has drastically changed from these gigs, they’ve definitely fuelled my inspiration to write more and explore where my music can take me.

Happy: You mentioned finding a note in your phone that inspired “Lovers.” Can you share a bit more about your songwriting process and how personal experiences shape your music?

Grace: I love gathering creative fragments, whether they’re quotes, melodies, or snippets that strike a chord with me. 

This habit proves to be a valuable and productive way to amass inspiration. 

To me, these fragments are akin to puzzle pieces that, when assembled, form a complete picture—especially when crafting a song. 

I find inspiration in the world around me, capturing the essence of moments, emotions, and experiences.

Happy: Your music has been compared to artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Joni Mitchell. How do you feel about these comparisons, and who are some of your musical influences?

Grace: Being compared to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo & Joni Mitchell is an honour.

They are powerhouse women who create incredible music. 

Singers like Joni Mitchell, Jewel, and Alanis Morissette bring this cool storytelling and folk-like vibe that is a big influence on my work. 

Then there’s the raw emotion I love from artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, and Amy Shark. 

Their intense lyrics and passionate delivery hit me in a different way. 

As I keep honing my craft, I’m hoping to blend a bit of all six of these awesome artists into my own laid-back style.

Happy: Looking ahead, you mentioned plans to release more material. Can you give us a sneak peek into what themes or sounds we can expect from your upcoming releases?

Grace: I’m super excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on for 2024. 

The upcoming EP is packing five tracks that dive into everything from navigating adulthood to matters of the heart.

While I’m sticking to my signature vibe, being a string player, I might throw in some Violin and Cello to add that extra depth. 

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Grace: Dogs :)

Listen to Grace Fuller’s latest track here.