Educate yourself on some local Aussie talent via Reign Maker’s Luke Baird

In a music scene cluttered with releases, Melbourne’s Reign Maker gives a shout out to the best bands in their local scene

Fresh off the release of their latest single ‘Sirens‘ -a powerful anthem for change that serves as a purposeful warning call for the planet, Luke Baird, the guitarist for Reign Maker, shares his thoughts on some local Aussie talent.

Giving us a glimpse into the vibrant music scene, from Melbourne’s Skin Thief, a full instrumental 3-piece band known for building songs from beginning to end, to Raised, a Melbourne-based band featuring ex-Superheist vocalist Joey – who despite Baird’s lack of religious inclination, praises the band’s exceptional rock songwriting.

reign maker

Read on, as Baird offers up a glimpse into the rich tapestry of talent within the Australian music scene.

Skin Thief – Melbourne

Skin Thief are a band I found out about during a show or two we played with them this year. 

Full instrumental 3 piece who build their songs from beginning to end. They crush live and 

I can wait to play more shows with them. Heavy, great dynamics. Never boring. Love it.

Raised – Melbourne

Mate of mine Troy plays guitar in this band Raised out of Melbourne. Ex Superheist vocalist Joey upfront. 

Whilst Im not religious myself, the boys put together one hell of a rock song, great melodies, great guitar work.

The production is also a stand out for me.

Bare Bones – Sydney or so

Great band, Great Production. Been around for awhile doing their heavy rock tunes. Found out about them a few years back 

and got to catch them open up for Rise Against. Great mix of riffage and melody. Good live band.

Lucid Planet – Melbourne

Underrated Aussie progressive band, so many different elements in this band. Some parts heavy, some parts soft, some parts tribal.

Im yet to catch a show but from the videos I have seen they look crazy. Hopefully RM and LP can get some shows going in the future. 

Mushroom Giant – Melbourne 

Another great Aussie underrated progressive band that I found out about through playing

shows in Reign Maker. They just released this great album. They are purely instrumental 

but really take you on journey through their music. Great production on this new release. 

Check out Reign Makers new track ‘Sirens’ here.