Reign Maker issue a warning call for the planet on new single ‘Sirens’

In a music scene dominated by forgettable releases, Melbourne rock band Reign Maker leave an indelible mark with Sirens. 

Reign Maker have issued a warning call for the planet on Sirens, a powerful anthem for change that serves as the Melbourne band’s latest single.

Steadfast in its delivery of a poignant message about the imminent climate catastrophe, the track is defined by its dense and searing lyricism, tackling everything from global inaction to our collective inability to heed nature’s siren call. 

Reign Maker single 'Sirens'

In what stands as a reflection of music’s power to enact change, Sirens makes mention of society’s reckless progression “like fire through the skies,” and laments the “viral state of craze” that will ultimately “summon our final state.”

All throughout the track, Reign Maker offer incisive commentary about the state of the world, comparing humanity to a virus and urging listeners to respond to nature’s calls, which “hiss through the silence.” 

It’s a testament to the band’s artistry that these messages cut through with such intensity, and their pursuit of social action is only enhanced by Sirens’ commanding tune.

Reign Maker single 'Sirens'

Indeed, the track’s commentary is only as good as the sonics used to deliver it, and Reign Maker are clearly adept in the kind of gritty and haunting soundscapes that embody their message. 

Here, the band taps into progressive rock sounds to create an emotional charge that courses throughout Sirens, as punctuated by the impassioned timbre of the lead vocals.

Flitting acrobatically from angelic coos to blaring declarations, the vocal performance gets to the heart of Reign Maker’s intentions, though it’s never outshone by the band’s instrumentation. 

Reign Maker single 'Sirens'

Spanning shimmering guitar melodies to cathartically noisy percussion, each bandmate utilises their tools to capture both the intensity of the climate crisis, and the urgency of its resolution.

Brooding riffs and screechy strums crescendo until Sirens becomes the very siren call it sings of, stirring within listeners the necessity for social action. 

With such conviction in their role as change-makers, it’s little surprise that Sirens’ accompanying music video is likewise a call to arms.


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Serving as Reign Maker’s debut video, the clip forefronts children as the unwilling inheritors of the climate legacy, envisioning them as animal hybrids to underscore humanity’s encroachment on natural life.

It’s a powerful visual manifesto, and when taken alongside Sirens itself, enshrines Reign Maker as Australia’s trailblazing new rock vanguard. 

In a music scene oversaturated with forgettable and inconsequential releases, Sirens is a worthwhile reminder of music’s transcendent force for good. It is the latest track to be lifted from Reign Maker’s imminent debut EP, which is set for release soon. 

In the meantime, heed Reign Maker’s calls via their new single Sirens below.