Melbourne’s Coolabah Kings pen frenzied love letter with Sunset Strip

What began as something of an accident, Coolabah Kings have found themselves making strides in the Naarm music scene

Self-coined ‘scrap-rock’ trio Coolabah Kings are capitalising on the momentum built over the past few years, unleashing ‘Sunset Strip’ as their second single for this year.

The track is a love letter to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, home to Meredith and Golden Plains music festivals. Full of colloquial references and hopes to spark nostalgia in both residents and unawares listeners alike.

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Drawing heavily on nostalgia – the off-grid, run around in the dirt and live fiercely in the moment kind – ‘Sunset Strip’ urges listeners to celebrate their own happy place, presuming it’s not Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, but especially if it is.

The track itself is very, very Australian. A pop-punk inspired chorus and some of the heaviest Aussie accents in the scene, Coolabah Kings keep things rough and raw.

Verses that sound like The Chats in slow-motion and a chorus that takes note from early 2000s soundtrack favourites (The Click Five, Blink-182) with a patriotic twist, ‘Sunset Strip’ is a flash of pure joy and a love of singing about what one loves, whether it be a memory or a building or a person in the midst of both.

The music video for ‘Sunset Strip’ matches the unpolished nature of the track, capturing the trio in black and white as they place their respective instruments, vibing hard to their ode to their happy place.

Complete with old-school editing, scrapbook style photos and flashes of still colour over each member, this visual only adds to the reminiscence being channeled.

Looking like the opening credits of a 2004 blockbuster film or the new music video from a fledging late 90s pop-punk band, Coolabah Kings nail the fuzzy energy of the past, and send viewers just a decade or so back in time.

This aligns with the song’s desire to be present, simple and aware.

A track for their friends and for their city, but mostly for themselves, Coolabah Kings DIY vibe is sure to resonate.

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