Kid Channon releases unabated new single You Can Be A Part Of Us

Already making waves and gaining praise from his idols, Kid Channon steps up and knocks another fresh single out of the park

Singer, rapper and songwriter Christian ‘Kid Channon’ Tanner Hudson currently resides in LA, where his music and his talent as a pop artist have begun to flourish.

Inspired by Justin Bieber, Jon Bellion and Aries – the latter whom threw praise at Channon’s previous single ‘Open Heart Burglary’ – the performing arts school alum is manifesting his future with each new track.

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‘You Can Be A Part Of Us’ is both unexpected and welcome; a mashup of dirty punk, hyper-pop and modern hip-hop.

Distorted, gritty and brimming with untamed emotion, Kid Channon’s artistic voice is strong.

Metal inspired break downs while Channon shows off his flow, crackling vocals matching the energy of relentless guitars in overdrive and a chorus comprised of a catchy as hell pop-punk-esque hook.

The independent artist blurs the lines between genre effortlessly, his integrity at the forefront.

With a thick bass intro the rapper retains his reputation as ‘The Intro Lord’, setting tone, energy and creating anticipation all within a few bars of instrumentation.

Chaotic vocal samples and aggressively auto-tuned melodies overlap and endear, even when they create an uninhabitable atmosphere.

Even as he scares you away with his ability to mold and disturb sounds, there’s something indelible that acts as a drug; insisting that you chase the high of Kid Channon’s creations.

His intensity isn’t just for show, he follows it up with precision and purposeful songwriting that allows even a surface listener to recognise the layers.

With genre becoming more of an allusive term these days and the lines between styles morphing into both something irrelevant and imperative to be ignored, Kid Channon seems primed for success.

His effortlessness is blending sounds and tones is only one facet of what makes his music so exciting.

Listen to ‘You Can Be A Part Of Us’ and more from Kid Channon below.