ZPLUTO shrugs off the chaos in new single ‘IDC’

Oh hell yeah, ZPLUTO delivers the refreshing as all hell single ‘IDC’ give it a listen and thank us later

ZPLUTO is making his mark on the Western Sydney hip-hop scene with his unique brand of hazy beats, pop hooks, and a touch of rock influence.

The track brings a laid-back vibe to life’s everyday struggles. With mellow acoustic vibes, soulful vocals, and a sprinkle of ’90s flavor, ‘IDC’ – out now via Island Records – is like a musical shrug that says, “I’m rolling with it.” ZPLUTO’s lyrics pack a punch, delivering introspective musings with an effortless flow.

‘IDC’ came together through a collaborative effort, with ZPLUTO teaming up with Ben Briddon, Out By Six, and Kenzie. It all started with a chill guitar riff, and before you know it, the lyrics were flowing.

The end result? A track that dives deep into life’s questions, wrapped up in a genre-blending package that ZPLUTO is becoming well known for.

The visual side of things is just as brilliant. Directed by Robert Milazzo of THE SESH, the video brings the track’s themes to life with slick AI generative effects. Watch ZPLUTO navigate tricky situations, all the while shrugging off the chaos.

With the hype around ZPLUTO, it’s no wonder he’s being hailed as the “country’s most exciting new rapper.” ‘IDC’ is a testament to his ability to craft tunes that hit you right in the feels and get you nodding along.

Keep your eyes and ears on this rising star – he’s got more tricks up his sleeve.