Mexican Margaritas Podridas unveils blistering new single ‘Tornillo’

Margaritas Podridas channels the raw energy of ’90s grunge, fuzzy of shoegaze, and the unapologetic rebellion of punk rock

In the blistering heat of Sonora, Mexico, where the desert meets the rebellious spirit of punk, Margaritas Podridas is turning up the volume and breaking through borders.

The quartet, led by the fierce Carolina Enriquez, has just sealed the deal with Hopeless Records for their U.S. debut, and they’re not wasting any time. Their latest single, “Tornillo,” serves as a blistering introduction to the corrosive sound that will define their upcoming third album.

For those unfamiliar with Margaritas Podridas, imagine a sonic concoction inspired by the raw energy of ’90s grunge, the dreamy fuzz of shoegaze, and the unapologetic rebellion of punk rock. It’s a heady mix that has caught the attention of music aficionados and critics alike, from the pages of Rolling Stone to the airwaves of NPR.

“Tornillo,” as described by the band themselves, offers a glimpse into the chaotic world they’re crafting. Carolina Enriquez shares, “It’s a little taste of the corrosive sound that will embody our third album. It’s a song about crazy people that steal personalities from others.” If that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will.

Hailing from Hermosillo, Mexico, Margaritas Podridas is a product of their admiration for the underground rock landscape of the ’90s. They’ve tapped into the distortion-laden songwriting of grunge, embraced the scuzz-coated pop of shoegaze, and embarked on noisy sojourns reminiscent of the guitar icons from the college rock scene. But their music is not just about the sound—it’s a sonic rebellion infused with a political streak and a DIY ethic.

The band’s roots are embedded in the confrontational idealism of their musical forebearers. They’ve taken their fight to the hometown scene, building a movement that’s as much about the music as it is about challenging the status quo. What’s striking is their negation of the English language, despite garnering an international fanbase. Margaritas Podridas is a testament to the fact that music is a universal language, transcending borders and linguistic barriers.

Moreover, their resistance extends beyond the stage. Margaritas Podridas gives the middle finger to sexism, both within the music industry and the broader world. In an era where voices are rising against inequality, the quartet stands tall, echoing the rebellious spirit of punk’s roots.

So, as Margaritas Podridas gears up for their U.S. debut with Hopeless Records and unleashes the sonic storm of “Tornillo,” keep an eye on this Mexican powerhouse. They’re not just a band; they’re a sonic revolution with a Tornillo twist, ready to shake the foundations of global stardom.