M.Spano tackles grief with an armour of pop punk nostalgia in single Forever Yours

M.Spano crafts an intentionally heart wrenching, emotive pop-punk rendition of Grayscale’s, ‘Forever Yours,’ an ode to love & loss.

New York based songwriter M.Spano is moving on from the world of cover songs and social media based content and into the sprawling universe of original songwriting, but not without another visit into the past. 

Following up on his first original release, Name, Spano mines the archives of acoustic pop-punk to deliver an intentionally heart wrenching, though familiar piece with Forever Yours, a cover of Grayscale’s ode to love and loss, as well as the genre that tackles it so well. 

The tragic loss of a young yet timeless love is a topic well traversed in the annals of pop punk. Think Simple Plan’s Untitled, or any Story Of The Year song from the 2000s. Spano channels the emotion of his predecessors and hopeful soon-to-be contemporaries, conveying the energy of Sleeping With Sirens while harnessing the restraint of Youth Group.

With a unique take on the classic pop punk vocal, Spano delivers a touch of newness, despite his version of Forever Yours sounding like it was pulled directly from the One Tree Hill or O.C soundtrack – which is the highest compliment, as anyone who is familiar with these imitable teen shows will know. 

Simplistic and crisp production places a soothing acoustic guitar at the forefront, some dabbling clean piano chords dipping in between vocal phrases and the lightest touch of percussion lay the bedrock for Spano to reminisce and mourn atop of, his supposed love ripped from his arms much too soon, his longing and desperation to undo the tragedy results in a promise of oneself, an undoubtedly beautiful and affecting sentiment, no matter how many times it has been presented before.

Spano’s time in the cover scene seems to have armed him with countless abilities, including that of knowing exactly how to deliver what he wants to offer, Forever Yours an effortless example of his musical aptitude, and his ability to emulate a genre that never fails to inspire emotion. 

With his foray into original songwriting only just beginning, M.Spano shows a promising start. His version of Forever Yours is captivating though not overbearing, and an exciting promise of more to come from an artist just beginning to find his own place, with a little help from those who already have. 

Listen to Forever Yours below.

Review By Caitlin Norris