The Reasons Why share the ultimate playlist, an ode to 90s angst, and classic rocks tunes

Fresh off the release of their fiery new single “The Empress Of Lies,” The Reasons Why deliver a hard rock revelry masterclass.

Hailing from Melbourne, The Reasons Why shares their ultimate playlist, a sonic journey through grunge, alt-rock, and stoner vibes.

“Would?” by Alice in Chains exemplifies ’90s mastery, Layne’s vocals cutting through with Jerry’s songwriting finesse. “Aneurysm” by Nirvana exudes grunge perfection—raw, catchy, and unapologetically noisy.

The Reasons Why single 'The Empress of Lies'

Staind’s “For You” commands attention with its gripping riff. John Lennon’s “Watching The Wheels” resonates with its empowering message.

From Orange Goblin to PJ Harvey, the playlist is a diverse tribute to influential sounds, culminating in the soul-stirring magic of Pearl Jam’s “Black.” Eddie Vedder’s voice casts a haunting spell, making it an everlasting favourite.

Alice in Chains – Would? 

If there is a track around that represents a 90s era masterpiece, it must be this! Laynes Vocals rip through the mix as well as perfect song writing from Jerry and the crew.  

Nirvana -Aneurysm 

Grunge perfection! Trashy, catchy, low effort and all noise!   

Staind – For you 

The riff! Grabs your attention forces your head to move!  

John Lennon – Watching The Wheels 

Great lyrics!!! You do you and I’ll do me! A way we kind of see our music and what we do personally!  

Red tide rising – Orange Goblin 

More Riffs, more fuzz more filth! Love some stoner rock!

 Melvins – night goat 

Awesome drone-style riff to dank up the mood!  

PJ Harvey – Rid of me

Love some PJ, Queen of the 90s sounds (in our opinion) 

 Silverchair – Israels Son  

Amazing song and a massive influence for us!   

 1000mods – Low 

Greek goodness and some good stoney vibes to end on!  

Black-pearl jam song

This gives me goosebumps everytime… Eddie’s voice is so captivating and this song has such behind it.. beautifully written bud one of the best EVER song !!

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