Soccer Mommy drops a sublime indie-pop revival of Sheryl Crow’s ‘Soak Up The Sun’

 Indie sweetheart Soccer Mommy has just hand delivered a sublime Sheryl Crow cover!

Riding high on the sweet, sweet waves of success from her acclaimed 2022 album “Sometimes, Forever,” and following on from her brilliant Aussie tour, this indie sweetheart is proving that she’s still the reigning queen of cool by currently opening for the fabulously talented Maggie Rogers.

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourselves, dear happy fam, for Soccer Mommy has a delightful surprise in her bag of musical tricks: a spellbinding cover of none other than Sheryl Crow’s iconic hit, “Soak Up The Sun.”

Get ready to have your musical soul transported to ethereal realms as Soccer Mommy’s enchanting voice breathes new life into this timeless classic, connecting generations and sparking memories of carefree days gone by. With support from the awesome folks at Loma Vista Recordings and Virgin Music Australia, her artistry knows no limits and shines brighter than the most brilliant stars in the musical galaxy.

In an enlightening tête-à-tête with The New York Times, Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison revealed her deep admiration for the legendary artist Sheryl Crow. Aha! The magic of Crow’s timeless hits has left an indelible mark on Sophie, shaping her musical journey in ways that’ll leave you swooning.

And as she beautifully embraces the challenging themes in this cover, you’ll find yourself surrendering to the sheer power of her musical prowess.

Of course, Soccer Mommy’s star power is undeniably on the rise, and her captivating live performances on NPR Tiny Desk and Jimmy Kimmel Live! are living proof of her soul-stirring abilities. “Shotgun” and “Feel It All the Time” take on a life of their own in her hands, leaving audiences awestruck and thirsty for more.

As for “Sometimes, Forever,” well, let’s just say it’s a bona fide sensation! This masterpiece of an album has conquered the hearts of music aficionados and critics alike. Pitchfork, The New York Times, Rolling Stone—everyone’s showering Soccer Mommy with well-deserved love and acclaim.

And in the land down under, it’s a royal success story too, nabbing Double J Feature Album and FBi Radio Album of the Week, among other coveted accolades. Billboard charts? Oh, you bet! Soccer Mommy reigns supreme, claiming the #1 spot for Heatseekers, Top New Artist, and Alternative New Artist, and making her mark in the Top 200.

So here’s to Soccer Mommy, the reigning indie goddess, and her bold evolution in “Sometimes, Forever.” With retro sounds and boundary-pushing experimentation, she gifts us a timeless sonic masterpiece—a work of art that’ll echo through the ages.

Get ready to be spellbound, dear music lovers, for Soccer Mommy’s magic might just last forever!