Agung Mango battles time and chaos in ‘GUT’

A rising star in the Melbourne rap scene, Agung Mango is continually blowing our minds with his talent and dedication

A member of the prominent collective Picked Last and a second-place winner in our 2022 NITH comp with ‘Guap Pop‘ Agung Mango is back with a bang, unleashing his powerful new single ‘GUT’ – the first taste of his upcoming album IN BELLY WE TRUST.

Following the surprise release of ‘Pemecutan Napoletana’, ‘GUT’ is a bold and thrilling track that showcases Agung’s unique talent for blending genres.

agung mango

The song opens with a spoken word intro from his uncle, setting the tone for a journey that explores themes of time, self-belief, and embracing the present.

Agung explains that ‘GUT’ is about “the battle with time, and the moments of clarity that emerge from the chaos.”

He uses the metaphor of heaven and hell to represent the contrasting experiences of living mindfully and constantly chasing the clock.

The track is a sonic fusion of influences, drawing inspiration from artists like Paris Texas and N.E.R.D. It showcases the full spectrum of Agung’s rapping abilities, ranging from smooth and melodic to fierce and energetic.

‘GUT’ is a powerful statement of intent from Agung Mango, showcasing his growth as an artist and his commitment to pushing boundaries.

The song, along with the previously released ‘Pemecutan Napoletana’, hints at the exciting sounds and stories that await on his upcoming album IN BELLY WE TRUST.

This deeply personal record delves into Agung’s experiences and explores his connection to his Balinese and Italian roots.

With its themes of intuition, faith, and overcoming challenges, IN BELLY WE TRUST promises to be a powerful and introspective release.

Get ready to be swept away by Agung Mango’s magnetic presence and fearless experimentation.

‘GUT’ is available to stream or purchase now, and IN BELLY WE TRUST is set to drop later this year.