LA songwriter mel. nails sad girl pop with single Sweet Love

All because she liked a boy, mel. laments on broken promises and fleeting feelings of love and sweetness with single Sweet Love

Off the back of her EP I’m Fine., mel. follows up her own precedent for indie pop catharsis with Sweet Love.

Covering the experience of impermanent romance and longing, mel. channels Olivia Rodrigo and Vivi Rincon with her valley-girl accent and delicate melodies.

It’s easy to imagine a room full of fans singing this chorus, full of hooks and gentle emotion that stirs something sitting just beneath the surface.

Restrained production allows mel’s voice to lead the way. A nice blend of upfront simplicity and unsettling home truths, Sweet Love feels like a journal entry filled with poetry and unanswered questions.

Mel’s confusion is relatable and widely accessible, her delivery warm and comfortable, suggesting experience and an ease in her passion.

Sweet Love was released back in October of last year, a fresh music video just becoming available.

Mel. tracks her journey visually, the boy in question supposedly behind the camera as her disposition ranges from uninhibited to full of doubt and unease.

Questioning if the outdated fairytale we’ve all been sold for the majority of existence holds any real truth, Sweet Love begs for both fulfilment of desire and removal of hope.

Already her most streamed song on Spotify, it’s no wonder that Sweet Love is resonating with the masses.

Tapping into a genre that is already thriving and constantly looking for more, mel. easily slots in amongst a group of other artists that are slowly taking over.

Keeping things simple yet vulnerable seems to be the key, and mel. prides herself on her willingness to lay herself bare through music.

Mel. is emerging into a scene that she fits into perfectly, following in the footsteps of trailblazers and cult favourites alike. Suitable for almost any playlist, Sweet Love is, simply put, a good song.

And good songs are hard to come by in an age of over-saturation. Mel. is onto something, and her listeners clearly agree.

Listen to Sweet Love below.