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Akala Newman pops into Happy for an insightful chat, fresh off her new single and ahead of her performance at Vivid Sydney. 

It’s been a busy period for acclaimed singer-songwriter Akala Newman. Her latest single — the pulsating club-filler ‘Hands on Me’ — arrived in April, and she’s set to perform at Vivid Sydney in a matter of weeks. 

“I wanted to wipe the slate clean,” Newman tells us of the creative process behind the single, “and find joy as being a radical act.”

It’s a vision she more than realised with ‘Hands on Me’, which taps producer June Jones for a dark pop heater dripping with sensuality. “It’s just a groove,” Newman says, and we couldn’t agree more.

Newman will no-doubt perform ‘Hands on Me’ later this month, when she takes to the stage as part of Vivid Sydney’s Tumbalong Nights music program.

The free music showcase takes place over 12 days, with Newman performing on May 25 for the Jalbu Muna event. 

Here, she will share the spotlight with the likes of Christine Anu, Kee’ahn and Deline Briscoe, in what promises to be a unique night of multi-generational First Nations storytelling through music.    

“All of the stars have aligned in this beautiful way,” Newman says of the upcoming performance, “the magic happens when you’re with community.” 

Hear more from Akala Newman in her wide-ranging chat with Happy, from the vulnerability of songwriting to her hopes for the music industry. 

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