The Blurst’s new album Psychic Crosstalk will melt your brain into brand new shapes

The Blurst has perhaps just one thing in common with a lot of other artists; one day he heard Tom Waits and “nothing was ever quite the same again.

Since the day he first heard Big In Japan, The Blurst (real name Liam Patrick O’Shea) has been inspired to break down the walls between genres and create his own unique fusion of whatever he damn well feels like.

The Blurst’s debut full-length album Psychic Crosstalk is a glitchy, airy, and entirely unique collection of tracks that always remain unpredictable.

The Waits inspiration may be where all comparisons end, however. O’Shea is a Sydney-based instrumentalist who throws together elements from such a wide range of genres, it’s pointless listing them all here.

He calls it retro-futuristic dream pop, and somehow, he manages to pull it off effortlessly.

On his debut full-length album Psychic Crosstalk, The Blurst pulls together a collection of songs that can be funky, fuzzy, disorientating, and crunchy.

Album opener Information Breakdown spends its duration feeling as though it’s floating around you. Described by O’Shea as “a psychic fight between delusion and reality,” the track features a ring-modulated beat to represent a spying fly.

Spiders In The Speaker, the first track on the album to crack out the trumpet, exemplifies The Blurst’s brilliant minimalism.  Every song on Psychic Crosstalk feels like there’s air between each note – like every moment is given space to breathe.

Album closer All Systems Normal is the nine-track’s most experimental offering, boasting delicate, minimalist synths and a stirring trumpet solo.

The glitchy outro is a perfect way to end an album which feels like the journey of a computer who’s just been programmed to feel emotions for the first time.

The Blurst’s Psychic Crosstalk is well worth your while. Listen to it above.


Suss out the details to the Psychic Crosstalk album launch below:

May 24th – The Factory Floor, Marrickville – with Dweeb City +more