Fifth Dawn’s debut album Duality is cinematic, crunchy, and all-consuming

While in a state of R.E.M sleep, you believe your dreams to be entirely real. It’s like entering a parallel reality – it’s all consuming.

Fifth Dawn’s debut full-length album Duality has a similar effect. By the time you reach the end of its ten-track duration, it will have completely taken over.

Fifth Dawn’s debut full-length album Duality will infiltrate your dreams with its dark and haunting soundscapes.

Formed in late 2014 in the Western Sydney area, Fifth Dawn have spent their young career crafting a unique sound that belongs entirely to themselves.

Made up of vocalist Sam Faul, lead guitarist Mark Robertson, rhythm guitarist Jamie Panucci, and bassist Ethan Pye, Fifth Dawn belt out dark, crunching, melodic, hard rock that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand right up.

Duality will have you enthralled within its opening seconds with cinematic string arrangements, subtle electronics, thumping guitars, and raging, flawless vocals.

Lead single Defying Symmetry is a definite stand-out, and navigates the strange world of lucid dreaming.

I was having a lot of lucid dreams at a point in my life due to various stressors, and with that came an unsettling, warped reality that became my constant dream state,” Faul says of the track.

In other words, I would often dream about things or settings in real life that would appear completely backwards when I would dream, and it was just so bizarre.”

The track is exploding with energy and features a beautifully unsettling piano line its intro and bridge.  Pressure is equally unsettling with its abrupt, jarring synths and Faul’s haunting vocals.

Fifth Dawn’s Duality is an album that will stick in your head long after it’s finished playing.